How to Save Laundry Cash During University Days


Excited as it may seem, but university days mean independency. You have to live independently in student accommodation, and if you are used to having a mom around, your life will have a 360-degree turn.

Why so? You have to do laundry on your own. Laundry is the most daunting task. How can it be better if you do not know how to handle your laundry?

Well, when I was in university, I always dropped off my laundry at the laundry service near me. A full cycle load only takes costs around $2 to $5. This may sound cheap, but this may set you back more than $200.

So, let me help you save laundry cash during university days and enjoy student life.

Wash Own Laundry

The cheapest way to do laundry is to do it yourself. You can do it at your sink or a large bucket in the dorm bathroom. You certainly save money on this. Do not spend on expensive detergents and laundry essentials. Some products can do quality cleaning without being expensive. Usually, fabric softener is the culprit to the expensive laundry cost. You can try using natural alternatives for fabric softeners.

On-Campus Laundry Service

If you are lucky enough to be in a university that includes laundry services in their tuition and school fees. You can swipe your campus ID card or laundry card given to students for laundry use. Meanwhile, other campuses have coin-operated machines to do the laundry.

If you use the coin-operated machines, do not leave your clothes unattended. There’s a great possibility someone might take your belongings or dumps your load out of the machine.

Did you know that Davidson College in North Carolina offers a laundry drop-off service? Their students simply put their laundry in a bag and drop it off at the on-campus laundry center. A sweet treat, isn’t it? However, with the recent events, the school has encouraged their students to do their laundry and abolished the on-campus laundry center perk as it saves the school almost half a million dollars a year.

Off-Campus Laundry Service

I look up the cheapest laundry drop off near me during my university days. Some laundry providers only charge students at a more affordable rate. It is best to check around for the best local rates.

You can save if you always laundry a full-load. Moreover, wear sweatpants or jeans more often, as these clothes are not required to be washed after a single use. But, if you do not pay attention to your activities and always soil your clothes, you can guarantee that your laundry bills are higher.

Another tip, it is best to do your laundry during off-peak hours. Some dobiQueen providers offer different rates for off-peak hours. You do not have to wait long hours to queue. Remember, laundry services near campuses, or apartment complexes are jam-packed.

You most definitely want to maximize your allowance; taking these tips on how to save laundry cash certainly helps you.

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