How to Repair Your Credit


Your credit score is one of the primary things that other businesses look at when considering conducting business with you. A good or high credit score helps lenders trust you and allows you to have many business opportunities.

With low or bad credit, you may not be entitled to receive loans or get a credit card. And if in some cases, you manage to receive loans despite your bad credit history, you would pay much higher interest.

However, there are ways by which you can repair your credit. If you live in Australia, you can contact Real Credit Repairers to get numerous credit solutions. Today, we will discuss Simple ways of credit repair you need to know.

Credit repair: Simple ways you must know

There are numerous ways through which you can repair your credit. Some of the most popular and effective ones are specified below.

Review your credit score and report

One of the primary things when considering a credit repair is to check your credit score and report. Your credit report contains crucial information like the transaction history and credit activity. And reviewing can be vital.

Your credit report lies with three bureaus. They are Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. All of these bureaus are liable to give you a free copy of your credit report once a year. To get a free copy of your credit report from one or all of these bureaus, all you need to do is ask them.

  • Checking your credit report is crucial as it helps you understand your current credit condition.
  • Moreover, you should always check your credit score, as it is one of the essential things.
  • You can use free credit scoring websites to check your credit score.
  • If your credit score is below 670 out of 850, it is bad.
  • You might not receive car loans, apartment loans, and more. You should review your credit score once a month to know where you stand.
  • You can contact Credit Repair Australia to know about your credit score and a detailed credit report.

Our consultants would perform credit repair, if applicable, whilst helping you understand the jargons mentioned in your credit report. It would help you understand the things mentioned in your credit report in the most convenient way.

Dispute errors or incorrect information

Another thing when fixing your credit is you should dispute errors mentioned in one of your credit reports. Each of your credit reports is different so, you must view all these reports.

Errors in credit activity and credit accounts can make you appear untrustworthy in the market. And that is not what you want. So, if you find any error in your credit history and several others, make sure to write a letter to one of the agencies that made the error in your report.

To dispute errors, make sure to attach a report that includes mistakes with your letter. You can also use numerous online services to dispute your errors online. Make sure to check out the payment history as well.

Sometimes creditors can report to the agencies that you paid them late despite you being on time. It can hurt your credit score, due to which numerous problems can arise in the future. Make sure to check it, and dispute it as well. Attach the necessary documents as well with your letter as proof.

You can also contact a reputable credit repair company to let them know about the errors in your report and they will help you fix any mistakes on your record, helping your credit history.

Don’t spend more than you earn

One of the primary issues that people overlook which causes them to have bad credit is that they spend too much than they earn. Spending too much on irrelevant things and not having a planned monthly budget can cause you to run out of money before the month ends. Hence, when the time comes to pay for the more relevant and essential things, you run out of cash.

For this, you apply for credit or pay with your credit card. Not paying your credit card amount on time also adds up to a bad credit score. All this makes your credit score degrade and causes you problems shortly.

Hence, to avoid this, you must have estimates and a monthly fixed budget. It would help you avoid paying through credits. Make sure to save money in the most innovative ways and create a well-planned budget.

Pay your bills on time

To repair your bad credit, you must pay your monthly bills on time. Not paying them on time is one of the primary causes which leads you to have a bad credit score. You can use numerous online services to pay your bill on time. You can also separate the estimated amounts of your utility bills and other payments from your salary when you receive it.

Increase your credit card amount

The credit utilization ratio is the amount that you owe on your credit card than its limit. If you owe more than 50% of your total credit card limit, it would hurt your credit score. You should have a credit utilization ratio between 0% – 30%. Sometimes maintaining this ratio can become difficult. It is why you can increase your credit card amount as well.

Increasing your credit card’s total limit will allow considerably decrease the owed amount. For example, if you owe $3500 on a card having a max limit of $7000, the utilization ratio is 50%. It is considered ideal. But, if you increase your card’s limit to $10,000 from $7000, it would considerably reduce the utilization ratio. And will help you in your credit repair.

Don’t apply for another credit 

To repair your credit, and have a decent credit score, make sure that you do not apply for another credit. Having new credit will increase your credits in the most subtle ways. When you apply for new credit, your creditor conducts a hard inquiry or a hard credit check.

Applying for too much new credit in a short period can degrade your credit score, especially if you already have a bad credit score. Hence, to make your credit score stronger, resist the urge to apply for new credit.


The above-specified are some of the simple ways of credit repair you should know. Make sure to review your credit report once a year to help repair your credit, especially if it needs fixing and you are in Australia.

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