How to Relocate Your Business Quickly and Easily


You need to keep your business expenses down to stay profitable in today’s competitive market. One of the highest bills you might pay is the rental fee, so if you can find a better price and save money every month, you can maintain a healthy bottom line at the end of the year. Working with a local commercial real estate agent to see Cincinnati commercial real estate for sale is a great way to find the perfect location. Once you do, here are some tips on how to relocate your business quickly and easily enewsworlds.

Dispose of Waste

The first step in relocating your business is to get rid of anything you do not want or need to take with you. To dispose of big items and a large amount of waste, make room in your parking lot for a 10-yard dumpster rental that can handle all of the garbage and other items you cannot donate or make use of in your new place. Because you will have to pay for shipping supplies and trucks to move your equipment, it is important to only keep what you need. There is a certain amount of wear and tear that is going to happen in any work environment so it is natural to not be able to take everything with you to your next location. Taking time to purge now will benefit you in the long run because your new space will look better with items deemed good enough to keep and you will know what you need to invest in for the future.

Gather Supplies

Moving requires a lot of boxes and tape, as well as markers to indicate what is in the boxes and dollies to move things safely. Make sure to gather enough of these supplies to adequately pack every room, cubicle or office in your business. Proper identification of your boxes will make moving into your new space much easier because you will not have to search through boxes to find what you are looking for, and you will be able to place the right boxes in the right rooms. Use enough tape on the boxes to make them secure on a bumpy ride just in case the trucks experience rough roads. If you do not want to pay for boxes, then check with local department stores and ask if they can donate boxes. Let them know you can pick up the boxes whenever it is convenient for them. This saves them disposal fees and you having to buy boxes businessnows.

Host a Moving Party

Moving can be a huge headache. With the right attitude, it can also be a lot of fun. Schedule a moving day and host a party complete with food, drinks and music for the employees to enjoy as they pack up and clean out their spaces. Everything is better when approached with a festive mindset, so send out an email advertising the party and announce a prize for the person or department who is cleaned out first. Healthy competition is a strong motivator and a great way to get a dirty task done quickly.

Rent Trucks

When the boxes are all ready to go, it is time to rent the moving trucks. Forming assembly lines from the rooms to the trucks will help the process go quickly and efficiently. This can be a congo line at the end of the party and finish up the moving day experience with a job well done and your building completely cleaned out. You may want to put like objects together, such as packing all the electronic material on one truck and all the furniture in another. This will also make unpacking at your new location easier businessworld247.

Relocating can be exciting but also stressful. Following these tips can help you and your staff turn a challenging time into a team-building and bonding experience. So go ahead and get rid of that old desk no one wanted and have a party while you clean, pack and start anew homelockssmith.

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