How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


There are so many ways that you as an individual can have an impact on your carbon footprint but if you are just learning about going green or just getting used to making your mark then you may be wondering just How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. The best thing to do is analyze your circumstances and decide which changes are going to be the easiest to make and the most worthwhile. Just by changing some really basic aspects of your day to day life will make the first difference in reducing your carbon footprint. Sadly, to make a wider difference it will take more than an individual effort but you can take great comfort in knowing every little helps and everything that you are prepared to change in order to reduce your carbon footprint will give you a personal achievement and it will certainly be very beneficial.

One of the easiest changes to make is that of transport, if you drive or take public transport it may be worth looking at times when you are able to walk or cycle instead. The emissions released from transport affects the atmosphere so by cycling or walking it reduces the emissions that are being released. As a double benefit it will also help you with your physical well-being too. It may not always be practical not using your car and that is fine, just trying to use it less and to make changes on the shorter journeys then that too will help. Public transport is also a better option than driving as the emissions released from a bus or train are shared between the number of people that are riding together on that journey, were as in a car you would probably travel alone and then if you consider every other person driving alone that day then you would see that the number of emissions being released is massive and that is why you making the change to walk or cycle will make a difference. So, just by changing the way you travel to each destination that you go to, then that will help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Another simple change that you can very easily make and that can make a difference to your carbon footprint is that of sockets and electricity around the house. Are you guilty of leaving plugs inserted into sockets and leaving the switch down even when the electrical item is not being used? These include things like phone chargers, kettles, hairdryers and many more of your everyday uses. Just by pulling out your plug or pressing the switch off you will be reducing the use of electricity and in turn helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Imagine if you were to unplug your tv instead of leaving it on standby, pulling out the plug to your phone or tablet charger and unplugging the kettle after each use, these are all very east changes to make if you remember and again very beneficial to reducing your carbon footprint.

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