How to Protect Vograce Acrylic Keychains with Custom Stickers


When using UV resin to protect acrylic keychains, apply it with a silicone-tipped tool. This will create a bubble-like ridge on the edges of the acrylic. Be sure to do this without getting the UV resin on the hole of the keychain.

Glitter stickers

Using a paintbrush, paint a stripe on the blank and apply glitter paint. Let the paint dry before continuing. Add lettering and embellishments. After the glitter paint has dried, you can protect the keychain with glitter stickers. You can also use a permanent marker or fine-tip paint marker.

Glitter stickers can be removed easily and are a fun way to use vinyl cutouts. The process is similar to applying gel nail polish. First, apply a thin layer of glitter-infused resin to one side of the acrylic blank. Then, a thin layer of resin is applied to the other side. After that, a tiny drill bit is used to open the holes. You can now add charms, beads, and tassels to your keychain. You can also use a Cricut to cut out the vinyl design.


Vinyl cutouts are a great way to add a personal touch to your acrylic keychain. These blanks are versatile and can be decorated in many different ways. For instance, you can use glitter and powdered pigment to decorate the blanks. You can also use the Free Resource Library to find free keychain background images and a tutorial on using Cricut Design Space.

To apply vinyl to an acrylic key chain, line up the keyhole of the vinyl design with the keyhole on the acrylic key chain and press firmly. If there are registration marks, line up the registration marks on the vinyl before applying the design. Ideally, you will apply multiple layers of vinyl at a time, depending on how detailed your design needs.

Custom stickers are another great way to add a personal touch to acrylic keychains. These stickers are designed to be affixed to the keychain and are durable. They are also inexpensive and can be ordered quickly. Your acrylic keychains will look great and last for years with suitable custom stickers.

UV resin

You can steal your acrylic keychains with UV resin by applying it over the printed sticker or custom sticker. First, prep the acrylic with isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel. It would help if you also burned the vinyl monogram, which is available in the Ultimate Crafter’s Font Bundle. After burning the vinyl, prepare the acrylic for UV resin application. You can protect the work surface by using a silicone mat to help clean the resin.

When applying UV resin, you must ensure that the area is well-ventilated. Also, do not expose the UV resin to direct sunlight, accelerating the hardening process. The UV resin will become tacky while it is curing, so you must avoid touching it with your hands. Also, could you keep it away from children and pets?

Once the UV resin has been mixed, you must wait a few minutes for it to cure fully. You can use a UV or LED light to cure the resin. If the light does not shine on the keychain, you should place a heat tool or lighter near the keychain. The resin should cure in 10 minutes or less on a sunny day. If you are experiencing problems curing the resin, you may need to switch brands or use a stronger LED light.

You can create a personalized keychain if you need a more personal touch. A customized initial keychain is a nice touch for a special gift. The exciting company has an alphabet mold perfect for making personalized keychains. The mold is designed to produce a set of 26 letters and ten numbers from zero to nine. The layout is perfect for the size of the letters, which will help you get a clean result.

Epoxy acrylic

Protecting acrylic keychains with custom stickers ensures the product’s longevity. It is importantessential the steps below to avoid damage. Always check the adhesive material before applying it to any acrylic surface. Some adhesives are permanent and may damage paint, laminated, or bake-dried surfaces.

The vinyl or acrylic key chain should be lined up with the keyhole of the vinyl design. Once the acrylic and vinyl are lined up, press down firmly to apply the vinyl design. If you have more than one design layer, apply them at a time. For patterned vinyl, avoid the double-sided option.

If using vinyl, you need to make sure the vinyl does not lift or scratch. It would help if you also used clear vinyl to prevent it from lifting. After applying the vinyl, it is a good idea to clean it with alcohol. Acrylic is known to collect fingerprints and should be cleaned with alcohol frequently.

Holographic acrylic

You can customize Holographic acrylic keychains with custom stickers to give them a unique look. You can choose from various holographic stickers, including metallic and Kraft paper. Stickers with Kraft paper backings have a vintage look, while those with metallic backings feature glossy metallics. Hologram stickers are perfect for special events, as their unique look will ensure that your keychain stands out from the crowd.

Holographic acrylic keychains are available in a variety of colours and sizes. They are lightweight, durable, odour-free, and waterproof. In addition, custom keychains can also include epoxy or holographic charms. Choosing an acrylic keychain with custom stickers can be a fun and exciting way to personalize an item.


Once you’ve finished the initial step, you can begin the final step: adding the UV resin. The adhesive is usually found on a silicon mat or another surface. Then, you can place the sticker on your keychain. The UV resin will create a bubble-like ridge on the acrylic’s edge. Be sure not to apply it over the keychain hole, as it may damage the keychain.

When ordering Holographic acrylic keychain with custom stickers, choosing a reliable manufacturer is essential. A reputable manufacturer will offer many options for different finishing. Some providers offer custom sticker creation for a flat fee, while others will offer more affordable prices. Customized stickers can be made to any size and shape and remain waterproof and fade-resistant for two years.

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