How to properly manage your waiters? [Make your waiter happy and satisfied]


After selecting candidates and creating teams the idea is to build the best team you can have and keep them satisfied. You wouldn’t want them to quit their jobs because it would cost your restaurant. Learn which type of waiter you should hire 호스트바. Here are some tips you need to keep in mind:

  1. Training

A key element of having a successful team and waiting staff is training. Managers must do their best to train employees to their standards. They must devote time to their employees and educate them.

In addition, the management team is responsible for providing a comfortable working environment for all employees by providing constructive criticism only. But they still need to be commended and encouraged for their excellent performance.

Training should include:

  • Overall characteristics of employees
  • Good manners and manners
  • Knowledge of the menu and the ingredients of each item on the menu
  • Wine tasting and bar knowledge so the waitress can recommend drinks to suit every meal

Hygiene is important when working with food and serving it. Therefore, training in restaurant and workplace maintenance should be provided and how to handle food from the kitchen to the guests Waitresses should be trained according to the type of restaurant and service style whether it’s a luxury restaurant or a fast food restaurant. This includes serving and setting the table.

  1. Community building

It’s important to build a community within your restaurant possessive Employers or managers should treat their employees the best they can. They should encourage them to speak when they feel overwhelmed and share their best experiences. Restaurant workers spend hours at work. Therefore, the working environment should feel like “Second family” Pressure often arises in restaurants when working with people. Therefore, the additional pressure exerted by the employee or the restaurant manager will not produce good results.

Waitresses should feel that their employer cares about them. You can do this by:

  • Team building
  • Bundles (activities dedicated to employees)
  • Bonus
  • Support staff at all times
  • System “Outstanding Employee of the Month”
  • Course (Education)

if have free time Additional education about restaurant staff is also a good option, for example professional wine tasting lessons, language sessions, culinary innovations, etc.

What to do when your waiter makes a mistake?

If employees make mistakes, they should be better trained. Patience plays an important role in teamwork with teamwork. Usually, poor work environments and disgruntled workers are the result of lousy restaurant management. But if employees are treated well, on the other hand, you have someone you can trust and will respect the care and time devoted to them. In teams where relationships depend on respect Most of the time, everything works.

  1. Working condition

Good working condition and working environment good for health is caused by:

  • Satisfactory salary
  • Emotional support
  • Fixed shift
  • Extra money for extra hours
  • Managing good working hours by providing space for rest

Overworked waitress will not have a good performance Good quality food is also important. In restaurants, employees usually receive a large amount of leftover food may affect the budget but in agreement with the chef you can cook healthy meals for your employees. Another way to keep your waiter or server in constant “battle” for best performance is to have scoring system

This is usually done by selecting “Employee of the Month”

Rewards can be through holidays or financial bonuses. It won’t cost the restaurant much. Instead, it’s to show appreciation to employees and encourage them to provide even more outstanding service in the future. Having a hierarchy among waiters in a restaurant is good. So every waitress can expect an escalation after spending months or years in a restaurant.

  1. Tipping

Working as a 호빠알바waiter can be challenging and stressful because you should focus on providing the best quality service. Sometimes it’s physical work too. (Moving things around) However, it can be a pleasant task because sometimes the waitress may have more advice than the actual salary.

Better performance of the waiters offered. The more you get advice

For tipping methods It is best that the restaurateur or manager is not involved. They should only be involved if there is a dispute between employees. It is in mutual agreement whether they want to share tips or not. There are pros and cons to all options regarding tipping “policies.” Sharing restaurant tips between employees is a good idea, because in this case everyone will be guided – the host, the chef, the supervisor, the person who didn’t touch the money directly, not just the waiter. However, there is a problem that few waiters can do their best to provide the best quality service. On the contrary other colleagues serve average and end up with money made by high quality waitresses. Due to long experience and different situations good option the best thing about tipping is for employees to share tips. But they can keep a tip for themselves if guests explicitly tip the waiter because of their outstanding service.

  1. Bonus

So far we understand that waiters get good money through salaries and tips.

You have a wonderful waiter. You have to try to keep them running your restaurant. You devote your time to educating those people. And a lost waitress is a major loss for the restaurant. That is why bonuses are important. According to their average sales in each season the restaurant manager should have a monthly goal for sales within the restaurant. If those goals are achieved and there are additional profits above. Employees in the team should be divided. Or you can give bonuses by evaluating the performance of each waiter. For example, a ‘person of the month’ receives a bonus.

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