How to Prepare your child for Playschool


Both your child and you are looking forward to starting preschool. Having to spend time apart from one another can be a challenge, but beginning the formal learning process can also be exhilarating. You can make the transition to preschool as smooth as possible by following these eight tips. It is best to visit together before your child’s first day. Plan to go together to your child’s new school before the first day. Spend time exploring the classroom and the playground together. You can arrange a playdate for your child with children in the same class as your own. This will help your child feel more comfortable when they start school on day one. By doing so, they will be able to get to know each other before school begins. You can prepare your child for preschool by using pretend play. It is fun to act out routines such as storytime, singing songs, and nap time. Switch up the roles by letting your child take on the role of teacher. By doing so, your child will think of school as a fun place and will be less anxious when they arrive at school.

Play games to practice putting on a backpack, fastening buttons, and hanging a coat or jacket. Putting on shoes could be turned into a game – see how fast you can do it! When you went to school for the first time, describe how you felt and share special memories with your little one. Discuss with your child the preschool photographs of you or other trusted adults he knows. The daily routine provides your child with opportunities to make decisions and act responsibly, and it eases the adjustment to the structure of a preschool setting. An early-morning routine might include helping your child get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth and hair, and put away personal items. The Good Morning chart is typically loved by young children because it lists the tasks in order and has a picture next to each item to remind them what is expected of them. It is helpful for your child to have a similar daily schedule preschool in Gurgaon which will prepare and organize them. Life is full of teachable moments for children because they are naturally curious about the world. You can tuck in life lessons even amid a busy day.

During playtime, help your child develop his fine motor skills by creating a fun craft that requires him to snip paper, color, and glue. Make sure your child practices his or her new bedtime and wake-up time several weeks before school begins – pick a bedtime that allows him or her to get a good night’s sleep and a wake-up time that is early enough that neither of you will be rushing in the morning. You will have time to adjust to each other. Perhaps you could start a new tradition of picking out school clothes and eating breakfast together the night before school. Hence choosing the right preschool is important to make a good carrier line for your loved ones. Leens Nestling is a leading daycare in Gurgaon for kids which provide a range of different activities that help a child to grow. You can go for a suggestion or you can visit their website.

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