How to prepare for JEE Mains PHYSICS?


JEE Mains is an entrance exam conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for engineering aspirants who want to get admission to the prestigious engineering colleges of India. A lot of students appear for the JEE mains exam. There is a stiff competition among the students and students who want to clear the exam have to clear their concepts about all the three subjects that are physics, chemistry, and maths. Physics is considered the toughest subject by most of the students and students who want to improve physics for scoring marks in JEE mains have to understand all concepts and clear their doubts. Students have to be well aware of the syllabus prescribed for the JEE mains exam. They should know the important chapters of physics that can help them to score high marks in the exam. In this article, we will discuss the tips to prepare for JEE mains physics.

Tips to prepare for JEE Mains Physics

Students preparing for the JEE mains exam can follow the below-given tips to prepare for physics. The tips given here can help students to understand the concepts clearly and score high marks in physics.

  • Students must study physics from the NCERT books. Students should read all chapters carefully from class 11th 12th physics books. They should underline the important points or should make short notes for doing a quick revision during the exams. The language of NCERT books is very simple and informative that can help students to clear their doubts. 
  • Students should focus more on the important chapters in physics. They should know the weightage of marks of different chapters in the exam and should prepare the chapters accordingly. 
  • Students must write down all important formulas, experiments, and derivations in a notebook. This will help them to revise the important formulas and derivations during the exam. Students must revise all concepts regularly to memorize them properly for the exam. 
  • Students must download sample papers for JEE mains physics. They should practice sample papers of each chapter of physics to analyze their preparation. They can mark the difficult questions and can solve them repeatedly to understand the concepts. 
  • After finishing the complete syllabus for JEE mains physics they should start giving complete mock tests. This will help students to do a complete analysis of their preparation. They can understand their weaknesses and strengths and can work on their weak areas to make them stronger. 
  • Students must focus more on the important chapters from the exam’s point of view such as electrostatics, rotational motion, the law of thermodynamics, circular motion, properties of matter and fluid mechanics, atomic structure in modern physics, ray optics, Newton’s laws of motion, and motion in two dimensions and projectile motion. 
  • Students should choose the best books for JEE mains physics preparation. They can study all the chapters from the NCERT books. Once they are cleared with all the concepts they can refer to other helpful books. But, students must not follow too many books because they can get confused. Some important books that can be helpful for JEE mains physics preparation include H C Verma, Volume 1 and Volume 2, Physics by DC Pandey, and Physics by Resnick, Halliday, Walker. 
  • Physics is a conceptual subject and students need to understand the concepts. Physics also contains numerical problems and students have to choose the right methods and formulas for solving the numerical problems. Practicing numerical problems daily can help students to increase their efficiency. 
  • Students should spend equal time on all subjects. They should spend at least 3-4 hours on each subject. Physics needs more time and concentration. If students are weak in a certain topic or chapter, they can focus on the chapter and can prepare it properly for the exam. 
  • Mock tests are also useful for the students to prepare for JEE Mains physics. Students can start giving mock tests once they finish the complete syllabus. Mock tests can help students to understand the type of questions asked in the exam. 
  • Self-study is a key to prepare for the JEE Mains physics exam. Students can refer to the notes given by the coaching institutes and classes and they should read the chapters from the NCERT books to understand the concepts. Once the students understand and memorize the concepts from the NCERT books they can easily solve the questions in the exam. 
  • Students can also find JEE Main Physics Important Questions with Solutions on the internet. They can practice important questions for physics to score high marks in physics. Solving important questions for physics will also help to boost up the confidence of the students.

Tips to solve JEE Mains physics paper

A few tips are given here that will help students to solve JEE mains physics paper easily and quickly. Students can follow the given tips while solving the physics subject in the JEE Mains exam:

  • Students must start with easy questions so that they can build up confidence. If a student tries to solve the difficult questions first they will get confused and will not be able to perform well in the exam. Therefore, students should start with easy questions to gain some confidence. 
  • Students must read the question carefully and should try to analyze the questions and should try to choose the right option. Students must think about the formula to be used for solving the numerical problems. In some questions, you may have to apply more than one formula, therefore you have to understand the question first and then analyze the formulas that will be required to solve the question. 
  • Avoid solving the problems for which you are not sure because you will lose marks. There is a negative marking for the wrong answer therefore students should try to answer only the questions for which they are sure. 
  • If students are not able to solve a question, they should not waste time on the question. They should move forward and start doing the next question. 
  • Students should revise the paper if they finish their paper early. This will help students to know their performance in the exam.  

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