How to Pick the Right Outdoor Fire Pit


As the temperatures get warmer and the days get longer, most people can’t wait to get back outside and enjoy the great outdoors. What better place to start than your own home? When designing your backyard living space, you should consider incorporating a steel fire pit or concrete fire pit to serve as an attractive and useful centerpiece. Bring a little heat to your outdoor design and enjoy it throughout the entire year.

Here, we’re taking a closer look at the benefits of using an outdoor fire pit for your outdoor living space. This unique feature can bring fun, appeal, and serve as the perfect gathering spot for all your outdoor adventures. We also provide some tips for picking the right outdoor fire pit for your yard and family.


A modern outdoor fire pit is so much more than just an open flame. While many people have traditionally dug out their own fire pits for cooking, this isn’t really the safest way to bring a fire pit into your living space. Modern outdoor fire pits, usually crafted from steel or concrete, allow you to bring an open flame to your outdoor space while staying safe and not emitting harmful gases. It’s really the best way to enjoy some heat in your backyard.


With so many options on how to decorate your outdoor living space, you may be wondering why a fire pit would work instead of other outdoor features, such as a fountain, more patio space, or a full outdoor kitchen. While all of these features have their pros, there’s something unique about the appeal of an outdoor fire pit.

Here are some of the top benefits of incorporating an outdoor fire pit in your yard:

1. Enjoy your yard the entire year.

A fire pit can help you enjoy your backyard space even in the colder months. While a fire pit is ideal for s’mores and storytelling in the summertime, it’s also the perfect place to gather and curl up in the winter. Just think: does it make sense to only enjoy your yard for half of the year?

2. Add a little ambiance.

Nothing quite sets the perfect mood like the open flame of a concrete or metal fire pit. Sure, using your fire pit for cooking is great, but sometimes all you need to do is pull up a fire pit chair and enjoy the ambiance. No matter how you decorate your outdoor space, nothing quite compares to what an outdoor fire pit can offer.

3. A place to entertain.

If you enjoy having friends and family over to enjoy your outdoor space, an outdoor fire pit can be the perfect centerpiece. Pull up some fire pit chairs and pass around a few drinks while you enjoy your new landscape design feature with family and friends.

4. Cooking.

While some homeowners are looking to implement a complete outdoor kitchen in their backyard, most simply don’t have the space for this (or the funding). But this is where an outdoor fire pit can be perfect. Turn even the coziest of backyards into a functional cooking space with a concrete or steel fire pit. Using a simple grill rack, you can instantly transform your fire pit into a barbecue and cook up some of your favorite dishes.


It should be clear now how great of an addition a fire pit could be to your outdoor living space. But now comes the tricky part: how do you pick the right one? While the right outdoor fire pit will depend on your own style, taste, yard, and budget, there are a few important things to keep in mind when the selection process begins.

Location should be one of, if not your first, concern. Where are you putting your outdoor fire pit and how will it complement your other outdoor features? How will it play a role in your backyard landscape design? If you already have built in a patio, it’s a popular choice to situate your fire pit in a place where people are already gathering. However, depending on the size of your yard, you could also set it up further away from the house to open up a new part of the yard for gathering. Of course, for safety reasons, you don’t want to place the fire pit too close to your house or any flammable materials.

Next, you’ll want to figure out what type of outdoor fire pit you want. Which unique style and material will match your own backyard aesthetic? Concrete and steel are two of the most popular materials for fire pits. Concrete fire pits are easy to match with most colors and backyard designs and offer a timeless, warm appeal to your yard. A steel fire pit, on the other hand, lends itself to more of a modern aesthetic.

Last but not least, make sure you know how your fire pit will operate. Most can be connected to a natural gas line or a remote propane tank and some fire pits are even rigged to connect with both heating options.


There’s no simple answer to determining how to pick just the right outdoor fire pit. It all comes down to your personal style, taste, and the size of your outdoor space. It’s also important to think about how you’ll be using this outdoor feature: entertainment, cooking, or simply a place to cozy up? Of course, it can always be all three.

Including a patio table with a fire pit is one of many ways to bring all your outdoor elements together and incorporate this unique feature with the rest of your backyard design. Whether you’re looking to craft a culinary creation, bring friends and family together, or just enjoy the ambiance of an open flame, an outdoor fire pit could be perfect for your yard.

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