How to Pick the Right AWS Partner?


In India, the public cloud computing market is set to grow to $800 billion by 2025. In 2020 alone, 61 percent of organizations migrated their workloads to the Cloud. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) holds a 76 percent share of the enterprise cloud adoption.

To manage your cloud infrastructure on AWS, you need to work with a specialized AWS partner. AWS offers a highly scalable and cost-efficient infrastructure. A reliable AWS partner India offers its clients expert consultation, setup, training, and support services on the cloud platform.

However, you need to choose a highly experienced partner to meet the technical needs of AWS. Here is how you can make the right decision.

What does AWS Partner Network mean?

The AWS partner network is an international business directory that has over 1000 consulting organizations with a robust understanding of the AWS ecosystem. It’s an extensive program that aims to help those organizations establish successful solutions based on AWS.

An AWS partner network gives technical and business assistance, support, and certifications to guide and motivate the AWS partners to get relevant experience and provide excellent service.

Kinds of AWS Partnerships

  • AWS Consulting Partners – They are services organizations that enable customers of every size to design, build, and migrate new software on AWS. AWS Consulting partners are categorized into Premier, Advanced Standard, and Registered according to their degree of expertise.
  • AWS Technology Partners – These are internet services and commercial software firms that give Cloud solutions, particularly software that utilizes AWS to work. These are categorized into Advanced, Standard, and Registered Partnership levels.

Points to Consider for Selecting a Suitable AWS Partner

When deciding to work with an AWS partner, you need to ask specific questions to yourself. Only then can you select a suitable partner for yourself.

Understand your business needs and objectives

It would be best to have a deep understanding of your business and objectives before you pick a partner. Specify your long and short-term goals and know precisely what you want to achieve in terms of agility, time to market, adoption of new technology, and cost-efficiency.

Know about your internal AWS resources and find out if you want in-house or outsourcing resources. After you define your priorities well, you can find a suitable partner for your organization.

Know about the experience of your partner

Presently, India is leading in cloud adoption. It has witnessed a vast uptick with the transition to virtual and digital technology. The cloud market in this country will grow by 26 percent at the end of 2022.

In this scenario, the importance of choosing experienced partners cannot be denied. It’s essential to pick an AWS partner in India who has more than a decade of industry experience and has given a considerable range of digital transformations across the AWS cloud platform.

Pick a partner who has implemented several large-scale cloud-based services that contribute readily to organizational development. The higher the projects they have completed, the better their likelihood of giving you good service.

Know the number of AWS certified professionals the partner has

AWS provides certifications on numerous cloud services. So, another point to check is the number of professionals that an AWS partner organization has who are certified. Checking it will assure you that the partner you are hiring possesses the requisite technical expertise to give the services you need to achieve your objectives.

A reliable AWS partner will enable you to deploy the cloud services efficiently. They also help you to maintain the AWS services. Keep the above-mentioned pointers in mind to arrive at a suitable decision regarding a partner for yourself.

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