How to merge PDF files online


Very rarely do we get a document that is simply ready to go as-is.  Typically, you’ll have to combine files together to get that complete creation that you’re going for.  But what do you do if you have PDF files?  They’re locked and you can’t exactly copy and paste, can you?  The good news is, there are some great online options that you can look at that will effortlessly combine PDF files together in a seamless final product for you to use as needed.

The best online PDF file combiners 

There are quite a few options out there for free PDF file combination servers, some of which are sketchy with privacy and some of which are good.  Below are a few of the trustworthy options to get you started in the right direction.  

  • AnyPDF: merge PDF documents into one online. Free from having to sign up, this will allow you to upload several PDFs and then click through a few blending options to help the converter know what you want, where, in the final blended PDF.  No tricks or extra fancy bells and whistles that always just end up making everything more complicated.
  • iLovePDF: With a simple drag and drop- or upload-option, this will merge various PDFs together with a dedicated merger that will seamlessly create the final blended PDF for you to download and use as you go.  This is also free from signing up.  For those that love drag and drop, this is probably the leader for all of the right reasons!
  • PDF2Go: This merger will offer you easy customization in order by uploading the various PDFs and then dragging and dropping in the order that you want the final version to be for visual, easy organization within the master PDF itself.
  • sodaPDF: This will allow you to merge various PDFs but also blend them together with other formats, including docx and more.  This features a free trial as well as a paid subscription for other benefits which might be helpful depending on what other kind of file conversions you’re looking to do.

Reminders for combining PDFs 

Whenever you are looking at merging and combining multiple PDF files into one master one for our use, you’ll want to remember that size matters!  Whenever you are using online servers and open access software, there is often a limit of 50MB.  FOr those that are going to have a final PDF that exceeds that limit, you may have to look into more advanced PDF file programs that have desktop downloads.  Whenever you download an application, you’ll have a much higher limit since it’s relying on your computer rather than an online server that other people are using at the same time for other conversions.  

There are many options online for PDF merging and blending, you just need to decide which one of these you want to try out first.  They’re all free and open access, so you may even want to try a few of them and see which one is most convenient for you and your needs!

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