How To Make Your Small Home Seem Bigger


Some people live in a small homes and wish they lived in a much bigger one. However, they may be unable to move to a larger property for a number of reasons.

Did you know that you can make a small home seem bigger without adding an extension? This article will show you how.

Get Rid Of The Clutter

Any home that is full of clutter can look smaller than it really is. Getting rid of the clutter can  open up a lot of space. As a result, rooms can potentially look bigger than you imagined.

Deal with the clutter by getting rid of those things you no longer want or need. Donate the unwanted items to charity so someone else can enjoy them.

Open Up The Roof Space

Did you know that opening up the roof space can have a huge impact? Going to will show you a few solutions.

When you don’t have a dark roof hanging over you the whole room can seem bigger and brighter. Opening up the roof space is not something that everyone considers. However, it’s an excellent way of making a change to your home.

Make Small Cupboards Larger

Some small homes have very little storage spaces and this includes built in cupboards. Consider making cupboards such as these much larger. When you do, they allow for much better storage.

Under stairs cupboards can be the ideal cupboard to make much larger. Open the whole cupboard up if you wish by removing the door and walls. Add some more shelving and you’ll have a lot more space to deal with. As a result, your small home can seem much bigger.

Add More Storage Options

Is storage something that you find yourself dreaming of? Adding more storage options can help. We’ve already seen that you can open up your cupboard under the stairs. Now, we can consider storage elsewhere.

Take a look at the walls in your home. Can you add some shelves to them or even some cupboards? When you use your walls to store your items your home can seem bigger. This is because you move objects off the floor.

Use Your Loft To Your Advantage

Another way to make your small home seem bigger is by using your loft. Perhaps you could convert your loft into another bedroom or an office. If you’re unable to do this you could simply use the loft to your advantage.

Store anything in your loft that is making your home cluttered. Put those things you don’t use but don’t want to get rid of in your loft. When you do, your home can seem larger.

Even the smallest homes can have a good size loft. If the loft is not used to your advantage you’re missing out.

A small home can seem so much bigger if you use the above tips. You don’t have to move house in order to live in a home that seems bigger. Use the above tips now so you’re happier in your home.

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