How to Make Your Garden Look Luxurious.

Although the months of spending hours of your day in the garden are somewhat behind us, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t plan for the coming summer months. Despite our gardens being an extension of our home, they often get overlooked in terms of design, care and luxury. While we spend most of our time as homeowners changing and redesigning our home interiors, our gardens are sometimes left unattended, in their basic state with only a few decorative cushions that are brought out during the warmer months. Admittedly, more and more of us our out of touch with nature, which raises questions as to why as studies have shown that people are happier when they are closer to nature. Your garden is the perfect way to enjoy privacy and peace, while also being at one with your natural surroundings. There are plenty of ways to decorate your garden, and here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top tips to make your garden look luxurious.

What Makes a Luxury Garden?

The definition of luxury is defined by having a sense of great elegance and comfort- and enjoying things that often involve great expense. However, for most individuals, luxury is subjective- and its definition may differ from person to person. In most luxury gardens there are a few repetitive characteristics that reappear, such as metal or stone sculptures, water features, wooden decks, luxury outdoor furniture, unique plants and a clean-cut lawn. However, not all these things are a necessity, and it ultimately depends on what you wish to add to your garden.

Adding Plants and Trees:

When planning your garden, it’s important to think of what type of plants you wish to incorporate. Due to the huge variation in plant species, there is something that will coincide with most garden designs and themes. However, as you want the plants to flourish and look beautiful, it’s important to take note of important things such as: how they survive in specific climates, are they high maintenance and how they look at various times of the year. Additionally, if your garden has enough space, why not plant a tree? There are various types of trees that can add to the aesthetics of your garden and change the light and shade ratio of the space.

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Lighting is an important factor in any part of the house, and the garden is no exception. Paying attention to the lighting in your garden will help you to create an atmosphere or ambiance that immediately gives off luxurious vibes. If it’s possible, you may want to hire a professional to help you decide what type of lighting will look perfect in your garden. However, there are a few things that work well regardless. Firstly, there are string lights. These give off a comfortable and relaxed glow, while also ensuring your garden looks beautiful under the stars. Additionally, you can have a fire pit as a source of light, or LED colour changing bulbs plotted around parts of your garden.

Adding Paths:

It may sound obvious, but if there’s one thing all luxury gardens have in common, it’s a pathway. Usually carved and made of wood or stone, pathways are a great decorative item that not only brings texture to your garden, but also makes the space more pleasant. Strategically placing lights alongside the path will ensure that throughout the evening and night, you have a practical and aesthetically pleasing element to your garden.

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Adding a Pergola:

When the weather is scorching hot outside, or it’s lightly raining but it’s still a warm day, then you may want to still sit outside under some protection. A perfect solution to this is to invest in a pergola. From metal to fabric and lavish wooden ones, they can be made from any material and instantly add luxury and class to your garden- perhaps the most luxurious ones are made from marble. You can tailor it exactly to your design, opting to have it either open or closed, what type of furniture you want inside, and the height and width of the pergola itself.

Incorporating Features:

As previously mentioned, features are a great way to instantly add luxury to your outdoor space. Sculptures that are made from steel, and then intertwined with plants and trees in the garden are a beautiful juxtaposition of the natural and manmade world coming together and symbolise wealth. Additionally, water features are hugely popular. You can opt to have free standing fountains, a pond filled with wildlife, or, if you’re looking for a modern alternative, a light- up waterfall.

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