How to Make Movie Night More Fun and Exciting?


Going to the movies is a worthwhile activity. But it may not always be good for us because of the price of tickets, the journey to the movie theater. Since nowadays people have streaming services at home, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. A very common plan is to get together to watch the latest premiere and enjoy an affordable and fun movie night at home. Whether you’re with a big group of friends or staying home with the family on a Saturday afternoon, here are some tips for a great movie night at home.

Build a home cinema

If you want the best home theater experience, a projector can make a world of difference. They can be a little expensive if they are high-end ones, so check out rental options, or consider trying out one of the Smartphone projectors on the market. You can also look for a private cinema near me if you think setting up a home theater is a bit expensive for you. However, you’ll need to choose a large, white wall to project the film onto or hang a white sheet to get the sharpest picture possible. 

Once everything is in place, create a comfortable space with cushions, and blankets. As for the sound, it is better not to play it from laptop speakers, but use ones with better surround sound. To do this, you can use a Bluetooth speaker or even the desktop computer’s speakers. Don’t forget to ask everyone to turn off their phones before the movie starts!

Choose the movie… and the snacks!

Choosing a movie for a large group can be difficult, so voting a list of up to five from different categories may be a good idea. If you can’t decide, there is always the option that each movie night choose a person and so you can all see one of your favorite movies. Don’t forget to always check the age ratings if you watch movies with children and also check that there is no content that could negatively affect them.

For appetizers, innovate a bit: you can make homemade nachos, prepare a pizza buffet with different ingredients, share garlic bread with cheese or make popcorn with special seasonings. If the group is large, set up a table of food and drinks so they can easily serve themselves. 

Add a fun touch

On special occasions or celebrations, why not make your movie night something different? You could celebrate a theme night for Halloween or Christmas where everyone goes in costume or a marathon of classics like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or The Lord of the Rings. You can even make it interactive (with some friendly competition!) by having a movie quiz at the end with little rewards like choosing the next movie.

Another great option with children is to recreate the movie experience by designing home theater tickets and meal vouchers and assigning guests different roles such as popcorn popping, collecting tickets, and ushering guests to their seats. Children will love the sense of responsibility, while adults can enjoy a break!

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