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SYPWAI offers a unique format of work – anyone can start earning from artificial intelligence training. It is hard to believe, but such unique technologies are already becoming our everyday reality, and now everyone can contribute to their development and improvement.

Project SYPWAI: Become an Artificial Intelligence Teacher

SYPWAI has launched a truly unique project aimed at developing artificial intelligence. Its main task is to make AI technologies better, more perfect, and more elaborated, and at the same time more accessible to businesses, volunteer organizations, and ordinary people. Of course, to realize such an ambitious task the company had to assemble a team of professionals, specialists in the field of IT. But besides them, SYPWAI also needs ordinary people, those who are ready to spend their time teaching AI for nice financial support.

You don’t have to be a highly qualified specialist to work at SYPWAI. The company has introduced a completely new profession to the labor market – data marking. Anyone can become a data marker – education, age, skills, and abilities do not matter. It is important to be of legal age, open to cooperation, and ready to work. These are all the requirements. Those who meet them can now register on the platform and start training in artificial intelligence.

How SYPWAI trains AI?

New applicants need not worry at all. Artificial Intelligence training is not a complicated activity. Its whole point is to perform special tasks – these are simple tasks that allow the machine to understand the algorithms of the human brain and teach it to imitate human thinking, making decisions much faster and with fewer mistakes. These tasks are similar to the usual logical tasks for schoolchildren and preschoolers. Most of them can even cope with children. For example, there are quite a few tasks, in which the program offers to connect the image with the name of what is marked on it. For example, the need to find a picture of “dog” and match it with the word “dog.

The number of tasks for the training of artificial intelligence is simply unlimited. Now the project employs more than a thousand people, and the number of tasks does not decrease. Also, the company continues to actively invite new employees for work, as the more people take part in the neuronet training, the more perfect the final result – the more flexible and accurate the artificial intelligence will be.

Advantages of working at SYPWAI

Working at SYPWAI has many advantages:

  • it is suitable for absolutely everyone; students often choose to work at SYPWAI because they can easily combine it with their studies; pensioners, mothers on maternity leave, and people with disabilities also enjoy working at the company; and ordinary people often choose to learn artificial intelligence as a part-time job or as their main occupation;
  • is a universal form of income – everyone can choose the rhythm of the work, which suits him, working from time to time, every day, full time or a few hours a day;
  • no special skills are needed for the work – tasks for the AI can be solved by anyone;
  • everyone defines the level of income independently – more work, more money;
  • the company offers a lot of options for withdrawing money – earnings can be withdrawn virtually without limits and restrictions on the usual bank card, cryptocurrency wallet, PayPal, etc.

How do I become a SYPWAI employee?

To start working with SYPWAI you first need to go to and register. To register, you need to provide your personal information, including your first and last name and date of birth. You also need to come up with a unique login and a strong password. Among the mandatory fields that need to be filled out for registration are a field for entering your email and phone number. It is important to note that only actual data should be entered here, as they will be needed for confirmation. You will receive an email with an active link, and an SMS code will be sent to your phone.

After registration, it is necessary to carefully study the information on the platform. To train AI, the company suggests using a special device – a small computer with high-performance RASPBERRY Pi. It was originally designed for programming, but over time the range of its possible applications has been significantly expanded. SYPWAI has installed special software for AI training, combined with an application on your home computer, phone, or tablet, and performs the task of “tutorial” for artificial intelligence.

It’s easy to work with Raspberry Pi – the simple instructions make it a lot easier, and the device’s high performance and interesting functionality make the whole process a fun game.

SYPWAI Goals: Helping Businesses and the World

Thanks to the hard work of many SYPWAI employees, SYPWAI is already putting its goals into practice. The company intends to make AI technologies as effective as possible for the business. SYPWAI’s projects are capable of increasing the profitability of various business projects many times over. They benefit both large international corporations and small companies. Thanks to the implementation of AI technologies, businesses:

  • optimizes work processes;
  • reduces financial losses;
  • increases production efficiency;
  • plans work ahead of time;
  • finds new ways of development;
  • improves communication with potential customers, etc.

SYPWAI is also not oblivious to its global goals. The company’s founders are thinking seriously about humanity’s impact on the planet and are already supporting many projects aimed at reducing the emission of aggressive substances into the atmosphere, water purification, and other similar tasks. AI technology helps in these issues as well, which is important for the future of all mankind.

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