How to Maintain Your Air Cooler & Keep It in A Great Condition?


The popularity of air coolers is increasing day by day. The coolers are well-known for its ability to keep the indoors effectively cool. Other than being more economical to buy the air coolers and operate, they produce better quality air, more eco-friendly, and easier to maintain. Like any other appliances in your home, the air coolers you bought must be maintained well to function optimally. A poorly maintained cooler will undoubtedly perform poorly but a well-maintained air cooler will keep your house cool. Knowing that maintenance is very important, how do you actually maintain it?

Maintaining an air cooler is less complicated than it is said to be. Air Cooler Guide and User Manuals were intended to produce important information in order to operate, maintain and troubleshoot. Failing to do so may damage and/or impair its operation, create hazards, and void the warranty. If you have not read the instructions on the manual when you bought the air coolers nor followed any tips mentioned, you don’t have to search for the manual now. In this article, we are going to illustrate the do’s & don’ts of air coolers and how to efficiently maintain it in a perfect condition for a longer period.

When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions must always be followed so as to maintain & prolong the air cooler life:

  • DO check the household voltage to make sure it matches the appliance’s rating specifications.
  • DO unplug the Air Cooler before refilling, cleaning, servicing or relocating the unit.
  • DO NOT operate with a damaged cord or plug. If the cord is broken, it must be replaced immediately so as to avoid any hazard.
  • DO NOT run an electric cord under carpeting, or cover it with rugs or runners. Keep the cord far from areas where it does not trip.
  • DO NOT try to repair or adjust any electrical or mechanical functions of the Air Cooler you bought, as this might void the warranty.
  • DO NOT use in bathrooms or near water, which can be dangerous for the cooler and for yourself.

Cleaning & Draining the Air Cooler for effective cooling & to refrain from any damages:

After, the basic checks on the do’s & don’ts you must get into the actual cleaning & maintenance method.

  • Clean at least once per week, drain the storage tank completely and refill water. Doing this can greatly reduce mineral deposits and help to increase the lifetime of the air coolers.

Move the unit to a location where water can be drained and then remove the cap from the drain plug to empty the tank. Now refill the storage tank with clean water, up to the maximum level and drain it off. Then, use a moist cloth to get rid of the dirt and mud from the surface of the unit. Never use corrosive elements or chemicals to scrub the cooler. When the cooler isn’t in use, store it in an exceedingly dry place out of direct sunlight.

What if you are going on a vacation and not using the Air Cooler for a period of time?

Make sure all parts are dried from the Fan mode for about 30 mins, Switch OFF the Air Cooler and unplug from the facility supply, empty/drain all the water from the tank, clean the storage tank with a moist cloth to wipe off any dust or mineral deposits, to protect the unit from dust and scratches, cover with a clean cloth or bag, coil the cord and store it far away from the ground to shield it.

Points to Remember:

  1. You must clean the air cooler regularly. 2. Drain the water tank completely, clean it with a cloth. 3. Check for electrical cord & connections if plugged in properly. 4. Place & relocate the coolers properly. 5. Dry off the coolers completely on fan mode before moving it to the storage in winter. 6. Always refill water only till the specified level.

Air coolers are an economical cooling system. Maintaining your air cooler unit will enhance efficient cooling whenever you need. You’ll also be able to prolong the lifetime of your cooler after you have maintained it well. By following the methods mentioned above you need not worry about cooling nor about your cooler replacement. Chill the Summer by following these simple maintenance procedures regularly and maintain your air coolers in perfect condition for a longer period of time.

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