How To Know If You Have A Valid Case: a guide to assessing your legal claims 


If you are filing a lawsuit then it is very important that you know if you have a valid case. One of the reasons why people do not have cases in a court is because they did not do the right things at the right time and this can lead to them not having a valid case and if at all they have a case, it would not be in favor of them. 

Do you know that there are certain things that can determine if you have a valid case in court? Do you want to find out some of those things? In this article, you will find out how you would know if you have a valid case. Also, you can check out social media addiction lawyer for more information on this. 

How To Know If You Have A Valid Case 

Is the defendant aware of the case? 

This is the first thing you should be sure of. Is the defendant aware of the case? This is because the first stage of filing a lawsuit involves you sending a document to the defendant and ensuring they see it and also become aware of the situation on ground. If the defendant is not aware of this case then there is no case at all. Whoever you are suing must be duly aware of what is going on. 

Did you provide relevant information? 

The information provided at the court is what would determine a fair judgment. To have a valid case, you must be sure to provide accurate information for the court. When we say accurate, it means that your information should be 100% honest and straight to the point. If you are not straightforward in giving information then you might have no case in the court. 

Do you have a witness? 

Witnesses are very important in any law court as they would be the ones to back up your claims and complaints. If there is nobody to attest to your sayings in the court then you might have no case. There is something that you should note about witnesses and that is the fact that whatever you say must align with whatever the witness would say. If the both of you say two different things then we can assure that there is no case. Ensure that your witness is duly informed about whatsoever the situation may be so that you both do not contradict each other. 

Do you have any important evidence? 

Your evidence are the basic things that would speak for you in court. If you do not have any evidence to back up your claims then you do not have a case. Let’s take for example, if you were involved in an accident and you are trying to go to court for insurance benefits. It is important that you provide

important evidence to show that you were involved in an accident. It could be a video, car condition or even your health condition. Just ensure that your evidences are valid. 

Do you have necessary reports? 

You should have reports/documents to back up whatever you might have said in the court. If it’s for an accident issue, you must be able to provide a medical report or a police report just to show that you are being honest. This way, your case would be attended to faster but if you don’t have any valid report, there is no case. 

It is important that you have all of these things in check before proceeding to court. If you proceed to court without all of these things then you might just be wasting your time.

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