How To Keep Mice Out Of Your House 


When a mouse enters your home, it can often go unseen. During the early stages, mice are good at keeping themselves discreet. However, as time passes, their presence becomes more and more obvious, thanks to droppings and bad odor. 

If you suspect mice in your house, you should not take it lightly. It does not take long for these house pests to multiply in number and create an infestation. Therefore, you must not hesitate to call Treasure Valley pest control and get rid of them as soon as possible. 

How to keep mice out of your house 

  • Find their entry point. 

The first step in getting rid of mice in your home in Treasure Valley is to determine where they are entering from. If you find the entrance and block it, they won’t be able to enter any longer. Try to follow the trails of droppings and follow the smells to find out where they live in your house. The nests are usually not far away from their entry points. Check your house for cracks and gaps as well. 

  • Move bird feeders far from the house. 

The seeds and ground grains that you put in the bird feeder for the birds are a feast for the mice. Do not believe in the movies and cartoons showing that mice love cheese, as it is only a myth. If you want to keep feeding birds, make sure you do it at a safe distance from your house. Otherwise, you are only attracting mice to your house by giving them their favorite foods. 

  • Get rid of nesting materials. 

When mice enter your home, they look for two main things: food sources and nesting material. Both of these things are necessary for their survival. Mice nests are usually made of materials like cardboard, paper, or lightweight plastic. Therefore, make sure you dispose of your home’s waste materials properly. 

You should pay attention outside your home. If there are fallen leaves and tree branches, clean them. They also serve as good nesting materials for mice. 

  • Set mouse traps. 

You may have already tried this and failed, but this is a good start to catching the mice already in your house. The key is to put them in the right places, such as along walls and behind trash cans. 

There are a variety of mouse traps available in the market, differing in cost, function, and design. For example, if you do not want to kill the mice and only catch them, there are special traps for that. 

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