How To Increase the Horsepower for Your Jeep Wrangler


Driving your Jeep Wrangler offroad means facing challenges that require extra horsepower. When faced with a nearly vertical climb or a nasty ledge, you’ll want every ounce of performance you can squeeze out of your Jeep. The best ways to increase horsepower are internal mods for your engine and new Exhaust/Mufflers.

Update Internal Parts

Airflow through your engine is crucial to increasing horsepower. Cold air from outside contains more oxygen than the warmer air in your engine, so it combusts more effectively. The faster you can get outside air in, and the more of it you can get in, the better your engine performance. That means more speed, more power and better fuel economy all by upgrading this one system ofilmywapcom.

With airflow in mind, here are the internal engine components to consider modding:

  1. The air intake is the first piece you’ll want to look at because it’s easy to switch out and inexpensive. A high-flow system customized for your specific Jeep will immediately increase horsepower.
  2. The throttle body sits in between the engine’s air intake tube and the engine manifold. After cold, oxygen-rich air has been gathered from outside and purified through the air filter, it enters the engine and is held inside this component. Upgrading to a bigger throttle body increases the overall volume of airflow.
  3. The throttle body spacer is a simple piece of metal that attaches to the throttle body and improves airflow. It not only gives your engine more horsepower but also adds an awesome roar.

For a complete rundown of the possible upgrades to your air intake system, check out a Buying Guide – Jeep Wrangler Horsepower.

Supercharge Your Jeep Wrangler

If you thought superchargers were only for racing cars, think again. No guide to increasing engine performance would be complete without the ultimate horsepower upgrade: supercharging your Jeep Wrangler.

A supercharger pressurizes air before it goes into your engine, delivering a massive kick. There’s no way you’ll get stuck on tough climbs with this in your Jeep’s arsenal. Be sure to purchase a complete supercharging kit for your Jeep to make the project go smoothly.

Upgrade Your Muffler

Getting cold air into your engine is important, but so is getting exhaust out. If too much exhaust builds up, it will eat into your airflow even with that sweet supercharger power.

Several factors can slow down your exhaust and lead to backpressure (exhaust that builds because it can’t exit fast enough.) A narrow exhaust pipe or a stock muffler are two common culprits.

The muffler that came with your Jeep is good at making your engine quiet, not making it the high-torque, high-horsepower machine you need for challenging terrain. Switch out your muffler to a Flowmaster model built for performance, instead. Flowmaster makes many aftermarket mufflers, so be sure to check out a good Buying Guide – Flowmaster Muffler.

Increasing performance is easy with a little know-how and the right components. Once you customize your air intake, switch out your muffler and install a supercharger, you’ll never have to worry about horsepower for your Jeep Wrangler bolly2tollyblog.

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