How to Increase Sex Drive in Men


The most common problem related to male sexuality is erectile dysfunction, which affects approximately 16 percent of men. men aged 20-75. About 22% of men have erection problems. people under 40 and as many as 49 percent. people aged 70. Some epidemiological studies report an even higher prevalence. Statistics do not lie – sexual activity decreases with age, but difficulties in sexual life can also affect young people.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Male sexual dysfunction includes:

  • erectile dysfunction,
  • decreased libido
  • ejaculation (ejaculation) disorders.

The nervous, cardiovascular, hormonal, and psychiatric systems must all work together to produce a proper erection.

Erectile dysfunction (formerly and/or colloquially: impotence) has been described as a permanent or recurrent inability to obtain and maintain an erection, which prevents satisfactory sexual intercourse. The presence of symptoms must last for at least three months.

How does an erection happen?

For a proper erection – obtaining and maintaining an erection – blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis and their dilation is necessary. This process cannot happen without proper stimulation.

Fantasy (psychogenic stimulation) or sexual stimulation of the genital area (mechanoreceptor stimulation) activate impulses in the central and peripheral nervous system, which leads to activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. As a consequence, nitric oxide is released, which penetrates into the muscle cells of the vessels supplying blood to the penis and cavernous bodies.

As a result, muscle cells relax and arterial blood flows into the cavernous bodies of the penis. At the same time, the outflow of blood through the veins is inhibited, which allows for a gradual increase in the size of the penis and its hardness, as well as maintaining an erection for a time that allows for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. Understanding this mechanism is crucial in the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction, as well as the effects of drugs.

What are the causes of erection problems

Based on the erectile mechanism, erectile dysfunction can be caused by:

  • diseases leading to damage to blood vessels (atherosclerosis, diabetes),
  • dysfunction of the nervous system (neuropathy),
  • hormonal disorders (in terms of the secretion of testosterone, prolactin and thyroid hormones),
  • psychogenic problems (depression, anxiety disorders),
  • taking certain medications (antidepressants, hormonal drugs),
  • previous procedures (radical prostatectomy),
  • use of stimulants (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs).

Exercise and diet for erectile dysfunction

There are a number of risk factors that may increase the risk of erectile dysfunction or be a direct cause of it. Although some patients require drug treatment, lifestyle changes are often important as well.

Risk factors for cardiovascular diseases include being overweight or obese, hypertension, difficulties with lipid metabolism, and smoking. They can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Lifestyle modification by the patient consists in:

  • Modifying/switching to a healthier diet,
  • increasing physical activity,
  • quitting smoking.

The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction and the beginning of treatment is a good opportunity to change your diet and increase physical activity. Such behaviors result not only in the treatment of these disorders, but also in the improvement of well-being and health. It is worth taking advantage of this moment when there is a great motivation to improve the quality of sex life and also improve your overall health.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

Erection pills approved for erectile dysfunction treatment are phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. The mechanism of action of these drugs is to enable erection by blocking the enzyme PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5), which breaks down the compound that stimulates the relaxation of the muscles of the vessels of the penis and corpus cavernosum.

It should be remembered that in order to obtain an erection, it is necessary to combine the drug with sexual stimulation (without proper stimulation of the genital area or the right fantasy, the drug will not work).

Erectile dysfunction medicine

One of the PDE5i medications currently available is Kamagra, Sildenafil based erection pill. Kamagra is produced by the Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma. The Kamagra pill has a reputation for being highly effective, inexpensive, and having very few side effects.

Kamagra is over the counter drug and you can buy Kamagra from any reliable online pharmacy. Before using a medication, it is advised to carefully read the instruction sheet or seek professional guidance.

Sildenafil based medicine frequently reported side effects include:

  • dyspepsia,
  • headache,
  • back pain,
  • feeling of stuffy nose,
  • blurred vision.

Sildenafil based erection pills should be used with caution by people with renal and hepatic impairment, and are contraindicated in severe cases.

There are also contraindications in patients taking the so-called nitrates (nitroglycerin derivatives, used in cardiovascular diseases). The dose of the drug is determined individually for the patient – e.g. in the case of Kamagra, the drug is started with a dose of 50mg, which can be modified depending on the response. Before any self-medication is highly advised to discuss this treatment with your doctor. He can advise the proper dose and eliminate any possible contraindications.

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