How to increase Instagram likes


Post at the right time

We researched that the best time to post a photo to Instagram is Wednesday around 5pm [3]. It must be posted during the times when people use their mobile phones the most or simply not during work hours (8 AM to 5 PM) and must not be too late. So in the evening and in the morning before going to work it’s a golden minute for Instagrammers.

Don’t splash all the photos at once. For example, if there are 3-4 photos you think are good, don’t put them together. Otherwise less likes for sure unless it is a continuous form or cannot be separated If not, it’s better to gradually go down in different parts of the day.

Post a picture at the right time of the target audience, for example, if both existing and desired followers be a foreigner you have to take into account the time zone or time difference as well.

Put a catchy caption

 If you have a picture, don’t leave the content. Instagram Captions are a place where you can joke or express your opinion. Or go into details as a story with pictures put a floating caption that looks superficially like it has nothing to do with the picture. People will have fun interpreting each other.

A lot of people use hashtags instead. It’s actually nice, but it’s even better if it’s used in conjunction with a caption. Adding an emoji to accompany the caption is cute and outstanding.

Confused captions also have another charm, such as posting pictures of the sunset around the house. But put the caption, “Beautiful but the picture, kissing doesn’t smell good #Close the window #next to the house fried salted fish

Tag popular 

Hashtags are one of those things that help your photos get noticed by outside followers. Your tagged photo will be displayed. Try to include hashtags that are clear, relevant or tags that are trending or popular that people use. This way, searches will come up for sure. 

The most popular hashtags of all time are cute, love, smile, swag, popular, instagood, photooftheday, instamood, picoftheday, and no filter. It will be…a little, under…, look up, smile softly, sap, sap, etc.

Tag clearly and to the point, for example, if you post a selfie. Just put it in #selfie. If you post a picture of your boyfriend, tag it #bff or #darling. Don’t overthink it.

Geotag or specify a location with If the photo is related to a location, you can also set Instagram to tag a location or location. Others around there will see your picture and then like or follow.

He has researched that no more than 11 hashtags are the best. If more than that, you may lose the audience because you look too “deliberate” or “desperate”. This will increase the chances that people will search and find your photo.

You can find hashtags that are trending or relevant to your content on websites and apps such as TagsForLikes or popular social pages.

Follow the person who likes your photo

 When tagged, there will always be new people. If you come to like your photo, hurry to follow him back because it’s one of manners. When people comment or like your photo you should reply to build a good relationship maybe going to comment on one of his photos. Or you can follow a couple of photos or like them. It doesn’t waste more than a minute, good or bad; you’ll get a new follower.

Show yourself that you are not a spam or a tricky person with a lot of followers, such as some comments, even if it’s just “cute!” is still good.

Get free-paid Instagram followers and likes

GetInsta is offering unlimited free Instagram likes and follower’s service. You can take benefits from this big opportunity. Just keep reading the entire article and get the further ideas to boost your account. For free/paid Instagram service visit the site and get the service in few steps.

See what’s popular right now

 Try clicking popular hashtags or trending hashtags and see what pictures are there let’s just say that straightforward hashtags like #hamburger don’t just feature food photos. If you follow trends often, you will know which style to post. What tags do you want to work the most?

Click the activity button to explore your followers’ interests and see who they usually fall for. Like or comment on any particular type of photo.

Use an app to increase your likes

 Just like a paid app for getting followers, there are also apps to increase likes. But the difference is that which one will see more results. In any case, try to get “coins” to exchange likes from IG bots.

  • GetLikes
  • MagicLiker
  • LikePotion
  • Take a photo that stands out

Take a variety of photos

 In order not to be boring, if you want to have a great Instagram, you need to post a variety. Take a look at the photos you’ve taken and group them into themes. Also, study the genre of photos that get the most likes then continued

If you like to take pictures of food, you can arrange it accordingly. It’s true, as I said before; don’t miss out on the theme. But let’s say you like to eat hamburgers. No one would want to see a picture of a hamburger taken from the same angle three times a day after meals. Soon, people will be bored until they unfollow. Change to take some pictures of empty plates. While preparing to cook some rice or a regular storefront or your favorite menu, they all come together and don’t fall out of the “food” theme either.

Don’t try to re-post or make use of old photos. The worst is recycling on the same day if the number of likes is not as expected. Do not remove the original image to dust at all. Because the result will remain the same

Use a filter to make it

 Instagram already has a predominant filter for editing photos. No more, no less) will add outstanding interest to the picture. Like this, the number of likes and followers will follow. Things like this depend on personal taste.

We often see people tagged with “#nofilter”. It’s like claiming that the photo is in natural light. It doesn’t have 3-4 layers of filters. People like this type of photo often seen as the sunsets, the bright colors contrast with the dark evening sky.

But if the original photo is not well taken or the angle is boring, even if you use a filter, you won’t survive. Try to look at several photos with different filters, standing at the original image area that is interesting.

If possible, get a good camera, and I’d say that HD photos are a double advantage.

It is said that Willow is the best filter. Call it likes, but this kind of thing is not as good as the eye. Give it a try and see which filter your photos use and get the most likes and followers.

Tell a story with pictures

 Try creating a compelling “set of pictures” or post them on your profile page and see them as one big picture (collage technique) a little bit apart whichever form it is

For example, take a picture of a hamburger before eating and described how hungry he could eat the whole elephant. Now, in half an hour it’s down again. It’s a picture of an empty plate with the caption “#clean line #licking the edge of the plate”

Use other photo editing apps

 Now there are other photo editing apps. Choose to use a lot. They’re mostly for Instagram editing, so you can add filters or frames as you like. Even funny tricks or cut it and attach it to other photos, so your followers will see your creative side [5].

  • Snapseed
  • Camera+
  • VSCO Cam
  • Photoshop Express and Photoshop Touch
  • Noir Photo
  • ColorSplash
  • Afterlight

Don’t be arrogant

Otherwise, you’ll get your Instagram banned or your account deleted. No matter how popular you are on Instagram, don’t post photos that are overrate PG-13? It’s true that flashy things tend to create a buzz. But if it’s nudity or rude be careful to be seen “Low in immigration, don’t stop”

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