How to improve spelling issues in English?


Have any confusion in English Spelling? If so, then it is seriously understandable. You are not the one but a lot of native speakers find it difficult to learn and remember. Plenty of English-language words borrowed from other languages such as Latin. That is why; we have a lot of words that seem weird while speaking in English. So, we need to go through a spelling test for grade 10 as the words are from diverse cultures as well as languages and make it harder to learn English.

But no need to worry as we have some ways to memorize all spelling which we are going to share below. Let us have a look at these painless methods below.

Learn a few English-language rules

First off, the best way to learn the spellings is to stay aware of some rules and start learning those. Further, you can add more rules once begin learning. Before you know, you will get to know how to spell some words. Learn to pronounce spelling with the help of Spellquiz along with some shortlisted basic spellings. Like, find a word that is difficult to speak and find out if you find the rules useful.

Make a list of commonly misspelled words

Some words do tough to memorize that even the native speakers spell it wrong sometimes. You ought to appear for 10th-grade spelling words to improve some misspelled words. Either you can take help from Google Dictionary to bring out a list of such words or go for some videos on YouTube. Some of the commonly misspelled words include across, beginning, foreign, forty, interrupt, weird, until, friend, and so on.

Check word origin

Most of the english tuition for primary school words come from Greek and Roman roots. It means they must have the presence of some Greek or Latin words. When you’re aware of common roots, then you can get help to spell and understand more words. When you lookup for a word in the dictionary, then make sure to keep a check over the part of speech as well as meaning. But it is also good for finding out the origin and most of the dictionaries have word origin.

Chunk it

We find the spelling of some words hard to remember, as these are too long. In such a case, you can go for the Chunking methods. The “Chunking” means when you separate a word into two groups or shorter portions of two or more. In this way, you are nor remembering the spelling for long words but just understand and spell the short ones. Like, the word “embarrassed” can be split into em, bar, ras, sed.

Speak it loudly

There is a trick that you may try in childhood or use to teach the little kids. It is so simple as if you are not sure how to pronounce a word, and then spell a word loudly and slowly. But this will not suit all words. There are some differences in the written and speaking way of some words. If you get confused between two words such as “blank” or “blink”, then spell each alphabet letter by letter and improve your pronunciation.

Draw a picture

You can use another method as a mnemonic device as you can draw a picture. Like, if you draw a picture of a bed, then it is easy for you to remember the spelling of the word “bed”. Drawing things play a significant role in learning various words. Try to turn all hard spelling into the easy one by drawing their relevant pictures. Draw any word that you forget again and again and aiming the letters stick on top of your head with the help of the pictures. The word sill stop being just letters and take the form of images.

Play some games

Playing online speeling games such as SpellQuiz is a fun way to memorize all words and also analyze your hold on the spelling skills. This is another good way to learn all new words. It helps you to practice spellings and test yourself. Now, you know another best way to improve the English spelling and you just need to work on it. Before you know, spelling will also easier for you.

If you want to learn the right vocabulary with the help of the Internet, then playing quizzes is the best method as you can see. It has various categories and includes all things that are necessary for spelling improvement.

Bottom Line

In the end, these are the best ways available to improve your English spellings and score best in your spelling test for grade10. The ways are a bit easy to enhance your knowledge in the field of English language and also, spell the words correctly that eliminate your spelling mistakes. Learn more and mistake less in a spelling test.

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