How to Identify if My Slavic Hair Extensions Are Real or Fake?


Slavic hair is the best material you can use for extensions. Known for its softness, fine texture, and lighter colors that suit most North American women.

But this has the effect that the market is flooded with fakes, people will try and rip you off to make money.

Keep reading our article to know how to identify Slavic hair from other types of hair, as well as where to buy them.

How Can You Tell Fake Human Hair?

Sometimes people try to pass off synthetic bundles as Slavic hair.

Such strands:

  1. Are much heavier than natural hair;
  2. Have unnatural chrome-like gloss;
  3. Can not be dyed;
  4. Are not designed for blow-drying, waving, and straightening.
  5. Can not be reapplied.

To identify human hair and synthetic fiber, burn a piece of the hair product.

Human hair will turn into ashes, and synthetic fiber will have a strong chemical smell and melt into hard solid.

How to Test for Good Quality Slavic Hair Extensions?

Slavic Hair is a premium-quality raw material, which is in great demand in the extension market.

Keep reading to know how to distinguish the original from fake:

  • This is natural hair with a fine, silky structure. They are very soft and as comfortable to wear as possible.
  • Every bundle is collected from a single donor. That is why you get a unique cut every time – with its length, color, and weight.
  • The bundles are not thick and even in their texture: hair tips are typically thinner.
  • Suitable for all popular extension techniques.
  • The strands always come virgin (not chemically treated), which makes them a perfect option for clients who prefer natural hair shades. If necessary, the curls can be dyed. We recommend entrusting this procedure to an experienced colorist, which can give the hair the desired color, without damaging the original quality of the strands.
  • Slavic hair undergoes delicate treatment without the use of aggressive chemicals to keep the original quality of the hair.

You are still thinking where to buy Slavic Hair without worrying about whether it is real or fake?

Think no further than I Love Slavic Hair! It is a popular Canadian company offering the best extension raw materials in the market. All of them pass strict quality control, so you can wear them comfortably for a long time.

Here you will find a large selection of bundles of different weights, colors, lengths, and textures, so you will definitely get the product that you will be totally satisfied with!

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