How to Have Thicker Hair Fast


Everybody wants to have strong and well-maintained hair that will boost their confidence. Each person has their own different methods to achieve this. Different kinds of hair care methods that contain various natural masks, serums, different shampoos, even different techniques of drying the hair are used. Yet, hair loss or thinned hair is one of the most common hair health problems recorded. Moreover, even the age of the hair loss star has dropped today from the 40s to now, 20s.

Hair loss might be due to various reasons such as genetic factors, other health issues, malnourishment, stress, or wrong hair care methods. All of these except hair loss caused by genetic factors could be solved in a rather easier way: changing our lifestyle. Hair loss caused by genetic factors, on the other hand, requires a doctor’s opinion and correct treatment. Sometimes, treatments do not work and hair loss continues. In these cases, people might consider hair transplant in Istanbul, whose success is very well-known. In fact, hair transplant in Turkey is a tourism kind lately! Fue hair transplant is an option for people who suffer from hair loss while they are visiting a city

Before seeing a doctor for that, however, you might still want to consider a change in your lifestyle, because in most cases, people who suffer from hair loss or thinned hair are not aware of their mistakes. Here is a list of things you might apply for thickening your hair with simple touches!

Eating Foods that are Rich in Iron

Iron is extremely important for healthy hair. It helps thicken your hair, with rapid hair growth and prevents breakages and hair loss. Therefore, you need to be sure to consume foods that are rich in iron enough. Some of the foods that have high amounts of iron could be listed as peanuts, flax seeds, lentils, red meat, and chicken.

Adding Foods Containing Vitamin A to Your Diet More

Vitamin A has lots of beneficial effects on your health, and one of them is hair growth and thickening. If you want thicker hair, be sure to add foods rich in vitamin A, such as carrots, cheese, eggs, and spinach,  to your diet list as much as possible.

Consuming More Calcium

Calcium is known to help bones to be stronger. It also prevents hair breakages and help you to have stronger and thicker hair. Consuming more milk, yogurt, cheese, spinach, and sesame regularly will fasten the process of you having thicker hair.

Moreover, the foods that are listed here are also very rich in protein, and we know what protein does to your hair: makes it stronger, healthier, thicker, grows faster, and shinier! So, be sure that you consume these foods!

Staying Away from Stress

Aside from your diet, your mental health also has a great impact on your hair health. Stress and stress-related diseases are extremely dangerous for your hair. Stress makes your hair weaker and causes the loss of hair greatly. If you want to have thicker and stronger hair, you must avoid stress. You might consider yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises to lower your stress levels. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, you might consider getting professional help for them, otherwise, neither your hair nor other parts of your body will be strong.

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