How to handle a failed plastic surgery?


Plastic surgery is the most famous and demanding procedure used by millions to feel younger. However, in some cases, the surgery may not provide you with the expected results and cause a lack of confidence and stress. It can be because of multiple reasons. Either the surgeon lacked the necessary skills and qualifications or because of other circumstantial factors. However, you have few options before you for dealing with the consequences.

Options before you in case of a botched surgical procedure

In case the procedure goes wrong, you have multiple things before you. When you take immediate action, it will help you to regain your confidence and feel better. Therefore, Dr. Haruko Okada indicates that you must not panic. Irrespective of the situation, there are chances of remedy. If you seize a look at recent data, you will see that 15% of patients do not get their desired results. Hence, they have to go for revision surgery to rectify the problem.

Revision surgery and facelift surgery

A do-over or revision plastic surgery is a science and an art. Various plastic surgery processes can get rectified with success, like facelift revision surgery. When you are dissatisfied with your previous face or neck, you can go for this surgery option. If your last surgery lacks longevity, does not provide you with impactful results, lacks the artistic finish, you have to undergo revision surgery. It is very typical to feel unhappy and dissatisfied even after putting in so much effort. However, the good part of the story is that you can go for revision surgery.

Rhinoplasty revision

Rhinoplasty revision or nose job is another typical revision kpop plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty revision is a tricky procedure that is high on demand for its corrective consequences. When you are dissatisfied with the previous nose job or blotched process, you can opt for this surgery option. When the new nose does not aesthetically match other face features, most individuals opt for this facility.

Apart from this, eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty correction is another option before you. Suppose you want to correct the results of previous blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery. You can go for this revision surgery.

Chin revision surgery

Another popular revision surgery used by surgeons these days is chin revision surgery. The insertion of chin implants may not bring you the best look. Hence, the new approach has become very successful in correcting the chin alignment.

Jaw corrective surgery

Double jaw operation, lower jaw operation, and bite correction all fall within the purview of jaw surgery. Revision jaw surgery is a typology of orthognathic surgery used for correcting the fault of the previous surgical process. For learning about the details, you may get in touch with your doctor.

Hence, you have multiple options before you, provided you are aware of them. You can also go for ear revision surgery and fat transfer surgery. These corrective surgeries from Dr. Breslow MD will provide you with the best results, and you will be happy with them.

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