How To Give Your Business a Good Foundation for Growth


Thousands of startups are launched every year, but because the business marketplace is highly competitive, only a few new companies succeed beyond the first few years. You must be prepared to devote a lot of time and energy to making your business successful, but there are a few key elements that every company with a solid foundation has. If you take the time to make sure your business has these five things, you can give it a strong foundation for growth.

Great Customer Service

No company can exist without customers. Retaining loyal customers is as important as drawing in new clientele, so you need to develop a fantastic customer service department. One major facet of good customer service is making sure your clients have access to the company any time they have comments, questions or complaints about its products or services. You can’t deal with an influx of customer calls by yourself, so consider investing in a small business answering service to handle the most common calls.  Even if your customer service department isn’t available 24/7, a good phone answering service will ensure that your customers feel valued and heard when they take time out of their day to comment on the products or services you sell.

A Dynamic Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is how you advertise your company to its target audience, so you need a dynamic campaign that is both creative and effective. There are many different tools you can use as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. The most effective marketing plans use a variety of tools to engage with their target markets, You may decide to use any combination of the following tools.

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Print advertising
  • TV and radio commercials
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Magazine and newspaper advertisements

A Vision for Growth

Your business can’t grow sustainably if you don’t have a vision for it. Launching a new company just because you have a great idea for an innovative product or service is not enough to sustain it long-term. You must have a plan for growing the business, and it helps to have clear goals outlined to work towards. Before you start your company, draft a business plan to help you identify your blueprint for growth. This document can also help you develop a strong brand for your company and ensure that you don’t stray away from it as the company grows.

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Passionate Employees

Your employees will likely have more interactions with your customers than you will as the CEO, so it is vital to hire people who are dedicated to helping your business develop a positive reputation. The smaller your company is, the more important it is to hire the right people. You may try to run the business by yourself right after it launches, but you may not have time to focus on growing your company if you are always working on the administrative tasks that are associated with running it. Hiring an office manager and a customer service representative can take a lot of burdens off your plate, and if you choose candidates who are passionate about your company’s values, they are more likely to put in the hard work necessary to make your business successful.

The Right Financial Backing

Financing is a crucial element for any business. It will likely be several months or even a few years before your startup begins to turn a profit, and you need access to financing so you can fill customer orders and keep your inventory stocked. There are several ways you can secure financing, but because they each have various advantages, you must carefully analyze your options to determine which one is right for your business. Working with a venture capitalist may be the best option if you need a little guidance or help making business connections, while crowdsourcing may be the best option if you want complete control over how you spend the money you receive.

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Growing a business is difficult, and there is no magic formula that guarantees success. However, if you make sure your startup has a strong foundation with all of the tools it needs for success, you can increase your odds of building a successful business empire. Make sure your company has these five elements for a solid foundation.

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