How To Get More Sleep And Wake Up Feeling Like A Superhero


Let’s get one thing straight right off of the bat, you need routines.

It is essential to have a proper routine for the right amount of sleep, just as a baby has a routine for sleep, eating, and bath time, it is much the same as adults, our bodies must have a daily routine.

Prepping For Bed

An hour before you prepare for bed, you will want a routine which helps you wind down. You want to get all of your nightly chores out of the way and done before this routine begins. When you are ready go ahead and switch off your phone, laptop and television. Telephones emit a blue light which affects the level of melatonin, that is the hormone that controls just how well we sleep. There are blue light filters which can be purchased to help eliminate this problem.

Studies have shown that a warm bath or shower can help the body relax and fall asleep at a faster rate. In fact, it is the change in temperature that will inform the body that it is time to rest.

A hot cup of tea is another tip to help you get into a night routine, especially lavender and chamomile blends.

Throughout the day, many people use coffee and soda as a quick pick up due to the caffeine. However, this can upset your sleep patterns and caffeine should never be used as a replacement for a good sleep. Caffeine makes us feel alert through the process of blocking sleep inducing chemicals within the brain known as adenosine and increases the production of adrenaline. Once you have consumed the drink, it takes on average over six hours for the effects of caffeine to be eliminated. So when you are looking at that big cup of coffee to refresh yourself after lunch, try a brisk walk instead.

Sleep sprays are an effective way to get a good night sleep as these simply spray soothing lavender on the pillow and sheets to help the body relax.

If you are having issues with falling asleep due to a racing mind, meditation is an incredible way to unwind and allow the body to rest properly.

It is important to have daily habits and this includes going to bed at the same time every single day. This includes the weekends as well. Every weekend you stay up late that means the body has to reset its internal clock.

Lights have the ability to interrupt healthy sleep patterns, so always ensure that the bedroom is completely dark through the use of room darkening blinds and curtains.

The bedroom should also remain at a comfortable 60-67 degrees to help aid in a perfect night of sleeps. Cooler rooms will help boost melatonin production, so go ahead and push open that window and turn off the heat.

Your mattress should be comfortable and replaced as soon as you feel they are losing their support. Take a look at Novaform mattress reviews.

While exercise is important, you do want to avoid it several hours before bed.

Likewise, it is important to avoid alcohol, While it may make you drowsy and sleepy, it will disrupt your sleep later in the evening.

How Much Sleep Is Needed?

The National Sleep Foundation has stated that the majority of adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep on a nightly basis. The SleepMoment Experts have also Conducted a survey on Modern Sleep Habits and how the sleep impacts the mental health among different age groups and demographics. Despite what people think, children and teenagers require much more. However, the average amount of sleep if around six hours per night. Sleep is essential for the body and mind to regenerate and repair. While we sleep, the brain continues to work and organize matters that were learned and experienced throughout the day and will imprint them into the long term memory. When we are tired, we will usually forget things.

Sleep and Neck And Lower Back Pain

We all have noticed how our emotions and rationality changes when we do not get enough sleep. The same thing happens to our musculoskeletal system. Studies have shown that one of the most essential factors in pain intensity is the number of hours of sleep in the previous night. Sleep Habits Survey deprivation has the ability to increase the sensitivity to pain through the numbing of the brain’s natural painkilling response.

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