How to get an attractive Instagram profile


Use eternal stories (highlights) that do not disappear after 24 hours to collect important information in your profile. In this way, you can place a price list, class schedule, reviews, detailed information about a product or service.

A new or already published story with many ig views is suitable for publication – from the archive in the account settings.

For each eternal story, you need to design a cover and come up with a clear name. App For Type (Android, iOS), Canva (Android, iOS, Windows, web) will help with the design.

How to style pictures in the feed and stories.

In my experience, an attractive feed design is more likely to “hook” new visitors to your Instagram profile.

I recommend creating all pictures in the same style. Select primary colors or profile elements. They should be associated with the theme of the account, overlap with the design of the logo and highlights.

To make the account feed look harmonious, I recommend adhering to the following rules:

Apply one filter to all images.

Take photos from one angle or alternate between them.

Use the same font for all captions in pictures.

Stories should be designed in the same style and color scheme as other profile images. For example, post pictures and highlight covers are painted in pastel colors. In this case, you should not make the story in black and white or blood red.

There are also good solutions for ribbon design: Adobe Photoshop Express (iOS, Android, Windows), Crello (Android, iOS, web).

Free templates can be found on Instagram using the hashtag #freetemplates. They can be downloaded, opened in the desired application (usually Over for iOS and PixelLab for Android), and then simply add your own inscription or photo.

Briefly about the main thing.

To create an attractive Instagram profile, first do the preliminary work:

come up with a logo,

define the main colors,

elements in the images.

Think over the design of the profile header: 

choose a name and offer;

check free nicknames;

determine if you want to use the multilink and UTM tag service.

Do not be afraid to experiment: 

write different offers and calls to action,

design your feed and stories in an original way.

But don’t forget to analyze all the changes. For example, track the number of clicks to the site after changing the call to action above the link. Or the number of subscriptions after a new design.

In general, designing a profile is only part of Instagram marketing. There are many more interesting things to attract Insta followers. Follow our blog!

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