How to Get 10 Euro Free from Casinos and What to Do with It


In some online casinos, newbies receive 10 EUR as a no-deposit welcome bonus. In this article, we will explain the essence of this gift as well as analyze its terms and conditions.

The competition in the gambling industry today is fierce. Online casinos go to great lengths to attract new customers. Most of them offer lucrative welcome bonuses to newcomers. Usually, to get this bonus, you should sign up for the platform and top up your balance with real cash. The sum on your deposit will increase and you might get free spins for some popular slots. But in some casinos, you do not need to spend any money to get the welcome bonus. The platform simply gives you funds that you can use for stakes immediately. Below, we will try to explain the essence of this promotion and share smart tips that will help you to make the most of it.

Why Do Casinos Distribute Money Among Newbies?

First, the sums of no-deposit welcome bonuses are normally minimal. For instance, you can expect to get 10 euro free from casinos. Alternatively, you might get 5 euro, or 15 euro, or 20 euro. Meanwhile, the maximum limit of a deposit welcome bonus might reach thousands of euros. Even if the gambling project attracts hundreds of new players each month thanks to the no-deposit offer, it will not suffer massive losses.

This type of promotion is very efficient. It indeed motivates newbies to register at the platform. The administration of the casino can spend their money on alternative marketing formats, such as banner advertising. But the ROI of these methods might fail to compare with the impact of the no-deposit welcome gift. Again, casinos win more than lose when relying on this promotion.

If we dig deeper, you will see that the casinos do not take this money out of their pocket. They do not transfer these funds to their customers. They just allow them to make stakes using this bonus. Then, one of the following scenarios might take place.

  • The player makes a stake and wins a prize. This sum is smaller than the minimum cashout limit. To be able to withdraw the prize, the client needs to top up their balance with real cash. But who can guarantee that they win?..
  • The customer makes stakes with bonus funds and loses. After that, they either leave the casino or top up their balance with their savings to keep playing.
  • The gambler wins and withdraws funds. Later on, they might come back to the casino and keep gambling for real cash — or they might never come back.
  • The newbie hits the jackpot with the first spin and withdraws it.

At first, it might seem that the client has high chances of winning a monetary prize. But the casino does not want them to take their money and leave. The administration tries to convince the person to come back to the platform systematically.

That is why they invent terms and conditions for the welcome no-deposit bonus. Firstly, you cannot withdraw this money to your bank card or e-wallet. You need to spend it on stakes. Secondly, you should wager this sum. For instance, if the wager is x30, you should win 10 x 30 = 300 EUR to be allowed to cashout. Thirdly, there is a maximum cashout limit to the welcome gift. If you hit the jackpot, you will be able to withdraw just a small ratio of it.

It Is Your Contact Data That the Casinos Actually Pay for

To use the no-deposit bonus, newbies need to sign up for the gambling platform. They should indicate at least their email. To check that this email address indeed belongs to them, the casino sends there a confirmation link. The client needs to click on this link to be able to start gambling.

Most registration forms require newbies to provide further information about themselves. They need to share their mobile phone numbers and postal addresses. They should tell the system about their gender, birthdate and preferred payment methods. For marketing specialists, this information is precious. The welcome no-deposit bonus is probably the most efficient and affordable way to obtain this data.

If the customer agrees to receive the casino’s news and updates, the platform will regularly send them emails and sms. So even if the newbie does not start to gamble for real cash immediately after the sign-up, they might do it later.

Also, the statistics that the casino gathers enable it to better understand the demographics of its customers. The administration will have a clear vision of its audience and will target the advertising campaigns at these people more efficiently.

Final Thoughts

If you receive 10 EUR as a no-deposit welcome bonus in an online casino, feel free to use it on stakes. This gift will hardly help you to earn a huge sum. Nevertheless, you will be able to explore the opportunities of the platform, enjoy the adrenaline and have fun!

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