How to Generate Leads On Facebook


Have you ever wanted to share your product or service with everyone? Perhaps you want to serve your lovingly cooked meals or offer assistance as a tutor.

However, you hesitated when you remembered how tremendous your competition is. 

“How could I compete against these humongous companies?”, you groaned as you thought of their ad campaigns dominating the market.

Surprisingly, you can find help from a peculiar source: Facebook!

Social media have gone beyond connecting people to their loved ones.

Nowadays, these sites connect aspiring entrepreneurs to more potential customers than traditional advertising.

With that said, we’d like to help you learn how to generate leads on Facebook using our guide below.

Best Way to Generate Leads

In order for your business to start earning, you need to generate qualified leads. A “lead” is just marketing jargon for a person or a company exhibiting interest in your company. 

However, it doesn’t mention anything about yielding sales for your business.

Rather, you must be focused on gathering qualified leads for your marketing, sales, services, and products.

Types of Qualified Leads

Information qualified leads (IQL) are people who’ve learned about your products, but haven’t expressed any interest in your brand.

For example, people are landing on your brand’s landing page. It generates leads for Facebook, but only in the sense that people notice your company.

Marketing qualified leads (MQL) are people who noticed your marketing efforts but aren’t ready for a sales pitch yet. 

For instance, if people inquire about your company’s products and services, that could count as an MQL.

Sales qualified leads (SQL) are potential clients who have performed actions that express interest in purchasing your goods.

For instance, the number of times people filled out your product inquiry forms counts signify SQLs.

Depending on what your company offers, you need product qualified leads (PQL) or service qualified leads.

Both indicate that people have shown interest in actually what your company has.

Before you generate leads on Facebook, you must also choose between the two types of lead generation strategies: outbound and inbound.

Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound lead generation involves actively reaching out to your customers by directly contacting them.

These are intrusive methods that include spam from email marketing and calls from telemarketing.

It’s also referred to as “interruption marketing”. If you’ve ever paused dinner because of an inappropriate sales call, you know why.

This method bluntly asks a target audience to try a product or service, but it can be quite ineffective.

Since it also takes too much time, it’s better to just use other strategies to generate leads on Facebook.

Inbound Lead Generation

It’s better to generate leads on Facebook since it uses an inbound strategy.

Unlike outbound lead generation, this method lays out the reasons why consumers should try your product first.

Then, you must optimize the rest of your online content, so people find and purchase your offerings first.

As you may have noticed, this method causes consumers to look for your brand themselves.

The desire comes from them instead of being imposed by companies.

More importantly, people will make an informed choice about your brand. so they’re more likely to try it.

Generating Leads on Facebook

Social media like Facebook helps small businesses and individuals start and grow their brands.

Unlike traditional marketing, using social media can be a more cost-effective and impactful method.

Everyone can use Facebook free of charge, so anyone can build their marketing on that platform.

What’s more, Facebook added more marketing features that suit anyone’s budgets. For example, you can consider boosting a post on Facebook to provide that extra bit of traffic to your website, and to generate more leads.

More importantly, most people are Facebook users nowadays, so it allows you to reach a vast consumer base easily.

Think about the huge billboards you see lining up your city streets. Despite its massive scale, only people passing by will notice it. 

On the other hand, your laptop is like an ant compared to those oversized posters. However, it can help you generate leads on Facebook and reach people around the globe.

With careful planning, Facebook could actually be your company’s chance of making it big.

How to Generate Leads on Facebook

As you may have noticed, social media marketing is much more subtle compared to traditional counterparts.

Instead of immediately asking for purchases, you generate leads on Facebook by posting informative content. Leadadvisors is one of the reputable companies which can help you to get such leads for your business. You can also visit their website to learn more about lead generation.

Then, you must prepare other helpful methods using the social media website.

That way, people will find your product once your social media posts piqued their interest.

Craft Your Brand’s Facebook Page

First and foremost, you must have your own company page on Facebook.

Make sure to have a great sales team handle this since it will welcome your potential customers. That Facebook page must look inviting to customers, and it must post content at least 2-3 times a week.

Moreover, the content will mostly involve provocative promos or informative blogs.

Particularly, your online articles must be engaging enough to spur customer interest in your products or services.

Create Facebook Lead Ads

Ever noticed the adverts you see in your news feed? Believe it or not, you could feature your brand in one of them!

You could launch your own Facebook lead ads under any budget. The social media site will determine what ads to feature in an ad auction.

According to Facebook’s business page, you could just spend as low as $5 a week for ads. However, you could allot more funds to further generate more leads on Facebook.

Use Custom Audience

Back then, marketers had to speak to their clients directly in order to promote their businesses. These people had to call their customer’s contact information one-by-one by telephone.

They also had to call again if their clients were dissatisfied with their services. Now, Facebook added a feature called Custom Audience that eliminates this hassle for you.

If people have subscribed to your company’s newsletters and updates, they have provided their email addresses. 

Custom Audience helps you find people on Facebook who are likely to have an interest in your brand.

Also, the tool could send promos to your customer email addresses automatically. Even better, the feature could follow-up on clients who didn’t push through with their purchases.

Not only do you have tools that help generate leads on Facebook, but some could also work by themselves!

Final Thoughts

Getting more leads online is much easier now due to social media. However, we’ve only shown you an overview, so you should check out more information.

Learn more about concepts like lead magnets and calls-to-action by reading more.

Even better, you could just ask an online marketing agency to help you generate leads on Facebook.

Their ads managers could help you plan and implement the online marketing strategy your company needs.

You could take the time to learn how to generate leads on Facebook. Or, you could outsource to experts who have mastered it!

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