How to Generate Backlinks? The Ultimate Guide


When you visit a site, do you notice some highlighted texts that take you to other sites when you click on them? That is what backlinks are. If many sites have backlinks to your site, it could boost your SEO ranking.

But how to generate it? Here are some efficient tips.

How to get Backlinks?

If you are new in this digital world and want to get backlinks for your site, here are some ways.

1. Resource Link Building

While thinking of getting in-content backlinks for your site, most people begin thinking about complicated tricks. But some simple tricks, such as resource link building, work well. Here is how.

  • To apply this trick efficiently, you need to find pages where your product can add value to visitors.
  • Once you recognize your niches, create quality resource pages, and earn backlinks from credible authorities.
  • If you are unable to find resource pages yourself, carefully analyze your competitor’s profile. Understand why a particular page links them and not you.

It will help you to generate backlinks. You can also take help from online software that guides you in identifying resources linked to your competitor’s site.

2. Broken Link Building

So the tactic might sound like breaking your link or something but it is different. Here is how to do it.

  • This tactic is about searching for quality web pages with links to dead pages. In simple words, if a site has a backlink to a page that directs you to a 404 error page, you can provide them with quality content.
  • Most of the time, people look for pages to link with their active sites. So, you can give them content similar to the dead page, if not better than the page they have linked to their site.
  • It will also benefit them as they no longer have to waste time searching for a page with similar content. And you will also profit by getting quality backlinks.

So it is a win-win deal for both. The only effort you have to make is to find quality pages with links to dead pages.

3.  Recognize Unlinked Site/brand Mentions

It is the most effective tactic to generate quality backlinks. Here are some things to know about it.

  • It is not surprising that a radio station or a local online newspaper mentions your site or reviews the products or services you offer. However, most of the time, they do not backlink the site they are talking about.
  • One something like this happens, it is known as unlinked brand mentions. So how can you turn them into links? Well, the answer is by approaching them.
  • You can send an email to bloggers and journalists. Then ask them to backlink your site with brand mention. Before that, design a template that describes how linking your site can help both parties or add value to their audience.

If you successfully found such unlinked brand mentions, your backlinking game could reach a new height.

4. Supplier Links

Supplier links are specifically for people who sell other people’s products. If you are one of them, this tactic could give an excellent boost to your backlinking. Here is what you need to know.

  • You can find the columns of ‘stockists’ or ‘where to buy on the web pages of many suppliers and manufacturers. Most of these manufacturers point to the site that offers their products. If you are among them, you should be linked and listed there.
  • However, it is your responsibility to check whether you are linked or not. For this, prepare a list of suppliers and manufacturers and go through their stockist column one by one.
  • In case you find a page that has not linked you, you can approach them. For that, reach out to the person in contact with you from the company. Then ask them about the process of getting linked and listed.

If you cannot find such pages, you might take help from online software that searches such pages on your behalf.

5. Link Building through Lists

While surfing the net, have you come across topics that begin from ‘top 10 brands’ or ‘5 best product brands of 2021’ or something similar to it? Yes, those are blogs or articles that rank some brands that offer similar products or services. Now the question is how it can increase your backlinks? Well, here is how.

  • When a particular site backlinks your brand to their lists, there is a high possibility that customers will visit your site and look at your products. It will increase organic search on your site. However, the question is how to generate such links?
  • Well, begin with searching sites that rank the brands of the product you offer. For example, if you are a cosmetic brand. Search sites that have listed some cosmetic brands. Then check whether your brand is listed there or not.
  • If not, you can approach the journalist or blogger behind. You have to explain why your service or site is better than the already listed sites on that list. If they like your approach, find that your product deserves a name on their list, they will do so.

Most of the time, people are happy, including the name if you offer a great product and have a user-friendly site.

6. The Art of Skyscraping

The skyscraper technique is another efficient way to generate backlinks. Here is how to apply it.

  • Begin with recognizing the contents that have garnered a lot of links. Then analyze the content and prepare a better one.
  • Once you have successfully created content better than that one, approach sites linked to the original ones.
  • This method works because you are not relying on or putting your efforts into guesswork. Instead, you are directly working on a successful foundation.

Although the method is simple, it requires extra effort. You need to put up great content, but you have to put up better than great content. That means you should prepare your piece in all aspects, length, visuals, and depth.

So, these are some of the techniques to generate backlinks for your site.


There are several techniques available to generate backlinks. But the thing to understand is different techniques work for different web pages. There is a high possibility that a particular tactic works for your competitor and not you. So, it is better to work on each one and follow the one that helped you the most.

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