How to Gain the First Thousand Followers on Instagram


Instagram is the fastest growing social media app that has millions of followers from every corner of the world. It became very popular among the youngsters and the celeb media due to the easy, user-friendly interface and the media of connecting people. You can post short or long videos and photos to reach out to your audiences. They will show their support through love reactions and comments. It is one of the best ways to stay connected with your fanbase. Being an Instagram star has its swag. But, there is nothing such as free Instagram followers. You have to follow some basic rules to grow fast and continuously. Here you will find some handy ideas to get the first thousand followers on Instagram.

Why is the first thousand important? 

The first steps are always the hardest to take and the toughest to decide. You may look at the profile of the Kardashians or Lana Del Rey and find millions of likes and comments in each post. Where there are only those five college friends following your profile since day one and the number is not increasing at all. It can be frustrating because you need a good platform and a good number of audiences to showcase your talent well. Otherwise, you may feel demotivated and leave working for it every day, which is not good at all. But, once you have a minimum of thousand followers, you will have a loyal fan base that awaits your performance. These people will boost your confidence and keep pushing you for better. So, the landmark of the first thousand followers is extremely important.

How to Gain Followers Fast In Instagram


Content is king nowadays. You have to give a reason to the audiences to keep watching your videos and coming for more if you fail to create enough hype or the content is not hooking enough then there is almost no chance of gaining more followers fast. So, work hard on your content strategy first. Once you choose your topic, then type or write a transcript of the video and revise it thoroughly for any mistake or chance of improvisation. Make sure you are presenting the best to your audience. It will help you to attract your loyal fan base. It might take a little time but completely worth the time investment.

Followers app 

But, as earlier we said, you need a minimum fan base to get the constructive criticism, grow, and improve more. In that case, you can get instant followers from the free Instagram followers app. Several online websites and apps work to provide an instant rise in the number of your audience by bypassing the viewers to your account. You can take their service for a limited time to reach your target audience. Once you create your base, then you can rely on organic views and reach.

Get the trend 

Instagram runs on recent trends. Someone starts a trend, and everyone starts to look for the original or the better version. Several online challenges start and go viral like this. If you are trying to attract the netizens towards your account, then you better understand the trend and go with it. Show the people what they want to see. Some might think it goes against the freedom of the artist. But, only a great entertainer knows the ways of reaching out to his or her audiences through art.


Follower count is not the main thing about your talent and popularity. Even if you have a thousand followers and not growing very fast, there is no need to feel heartbroken. Keep the good work.


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