How to furnish a model apartment affordably and stylishly


As a property manager in an apartment or rental home community, you wear a lot of hats and deal with a multitude of small arrangements. One of the biggest challenges to property managers is staging model homes in such a way that it entices potential tenants to daydream what it would be like to live in such a space.

The interior design elements you use in your models are important to provide an overall impression that leaves tenants ready to sign. Behavioral scientists have told marketers and employers for years that certain styles or colors can evoke certain moods or attitudes. You want this space to really sell itself, and that means making some careful choices.

The end goal of staging an apartment is to allow potential tenants to really see themselves living in the space. Since you have no way of knowing what the tastes of your new renter will be, it is important to make neutral choices that open up the mind to possibilities.

Once you decide what you want for the furniture in your model home, you will still have to find affordable furnishings to meet the meager budget you are likely given for such things. Below you will learn what elements to include in your model apartment and how to find those furnishings at the lowest prices.

The best loveseats for staging apartments for rent

Loveseats are a great option for home staging, particularly if you are staging an apartment. Using proportional furnishings to create a light and airy space can help people see the potential in a given apartment, regardless of the household size.

Unlike full-size sofas, loveseats provide sufficient seating for one or two people while not taking up much space in the living room. Although living rooms in staged apartments may not be as functional as the furnishings that your tenants would choose for themselves, using objects to draw attention to the apartment’s best features can help set the scene for negotiations.

Here are some other things to think about when you are choosing a loveseat to stage in a sample apartment.

  • Choose neutral hues or subdued colors from nature that everyone can appreciate
  • Place proportional furniture along the walls rather than in the center of the room. Interior design trends dictate that the loveseat be placed in the open with a console table behind, but when you are staging a home you want it to look as large and welcoming as possible.
  • Use soft staging touches like area rugs and floor lamps to define spaces without adding much additional furniture.

You could pay someone to come in and provide staging services, but with a bit of guidance and searching online you should be able to handle such things on your own to improve your budget for actual furnishings.

Affordable loveseats for home staging

If you are going to be needing furniture to stage additional homes or apartments in the future, it is a good idea to get very versatile furnishings that can be easily stored and brought back into other apartments as they become available. Buying loveseats and other base furnishings for staging apartments can be purchased online or even more, savings, as can be seen on the loveseats catalog of 1stopbedrooms.

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