How to Fix Men’s Thinning Hair?


A lot of people, globally, have to deal with hair loss problems including men. Several factors contribute to this condition, such as stress, hormonal imbalance, genetics, environmental changes, or natural aging. Instead of feeling embarrassed about the situation, you should look forward to advanced medical procedures that are easily available in the market today.

Wearing a wig to hide your baldness is not a permanent solution, and hence you must consult a dermatologist to understand what is the best or most appropriate hair treatment for men.

The field of medical science has developed massively in the past few decades. Pune, which is considered the sunshine city for medical treatments, has several skin and hair clinics where you can seek help for your problems. But before jumping to a conclusion you must understand what causes hair thinning in men and the possible treatment to fix this problem.

What causes hair loss in men?

As mentioned above, male badness is a result of multiple factors. Some males inherit it from their parents, or it can also be a side effect of any underlying health condition. Few other factors that have an impact on this are stress, aging, hormonal imbalance, and lack of nutrition.

The choice of treating baldness entirely depends on you. If you like being bald, you can happily accept it and move forward in life. Those of you experiencing baldness in your early 20’s feel conscious about your appearance and should consider treating it with effective medical procedures. So, let’s take a look at the best hair treatment procedures.

Effective Hair Treatment Methods for Men

1. Natural Remedies

You must have heard or seen social media influencers insisting on applying essential oils, onion juice, or consuming healthy vitamins such as biotin for promoting hair growth. When you have a healthy diet and follow a regular procedure for applying essential oils to your scalp, you will eventually see results. Also, start consuming green tea every day to detoxify your body and promote the growth of healthy cells. Another alternative is PRP Treatment at Hair and Skin science.

2. Laser treatment

Laser treatment is gaining more and more popularity in dermatology and cosmetology. It is a compelling treatment method that has shown its results for hair treatment in men. In the laser treatment procedure, a beaming light reinforced with photons is directed towards the affected area. The photons gradually get absorbed by the body that stimulates hair follicles, resulting in hair growth.

3. Medication

Rogaine and Finasteride are two common medications that a dermatologist prescribes to promote hair regrowth in men. These medicines are available in medical stores and are given when prescribed only by the doctors.

4. Hair Transplants

One of the best treatments for baldness in men is hair transplantation treatment. This procedure involves the transplant of your hair in the target area that needs to be covered. There are two types of hair transplantation procedures that one can consider,

5. Lifestyle Changes

If you think that your day-to-day activities do not affect your body, you are undoubtedly wrong. If you abuse your body by drinking excess alcohol, smoking, or eating junk, you will most likely see damages to your body.

If you are looking forward to hair treatment for men, you should reconsider the choices you make in your life. Treatment will only be effective if you follow the instructions given by your dermatologist. So, find an expert and consult before you decide to go further with any treatment.

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