How to Find the Cocktail that Suits You Best


If you’re not a cocktail fan, that’s understandable. Not everyone like the mixture of spirits and tastes. And there are so many choices it can be overwhelming and easier to simply order a glass of wine. 

But have you ever considered that the problem is you just haven’t found the one cocktail you’ll like? If you want to test if that’s the case, here’s a guide on how to find the cocktail that works for you. Follow these simple steps, and you might end up finding the cocktail of your life dstvportal . 

Ask for the bartender’s help 

When you’re inexperienced at something, the best is to ask for professional help. For cocktails, the professionals are bartenders. Don’t be shy to ask for one’s help in finding a cocktails on tap australia you might like. 

Of course, they won’t be able to guess, especially if they don’t know you. So be prepared to answer certain questions about your taste. This should help them find the most suitable cocktail for you. They will probably want to know what your favorite drink is. Also, it might help them to find out if you like your drink to be sweet, sour, or bitter. 

Lastly, think about the cocktails you’ve already tried and didn’t like. Inform the bartender why you didn’t like them. There’s a chance you were simply offered low-quality cocktails. So consider giving them another shot if you feel you’re in the hands of a better mixologist this time. 

Don’t pick a cocktail just because you’ve heard of it 

When you’re asked why were cocktails invented, there’s no perfect answer. Probably to help people enjoy stronger liquors. What we know for sure is that there are many famous cocktails. If you’ve seen a couple of movies or read a few books, chances are you’ve heard of Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, or Margarita at least. 

But just because you know them doesn’t mean you’ll love them. Especially if you know them just by name, not by ingredients. It does sound attractive to choose the same cocktail as your favorite movie character, but there’s no way to tell you’re going to like it. Do yourself a favor and at least try to find out what these famous cocktails contain before ordering one. 

Think of the occasion

The reason and the time you’re drinking can help you a lot in choosing the right cocktail. Partying with friends on a Saturday or a relaxing night with your significant other at home are not the same. So, the cocktail you choose shouldn’t be the same either. 

Some general rules are:

  • For those relaxing moments and any time when you want to make sure you don’t get drunk, choose a longer cocktail with a not-too-strong spirit inside. You can sip it and enjoy it slowly, all night long if you want to.
  • Shorter cocktails can be ideal for partying in a nightclub, as in this scenario you’re probably planning to drink a bit more than one drink. 

Keep in mind that these are just general rules and something else might work for you. For example, an introvert might enjoy a bigger amount of liquid courage even when attending a small gathering at home. Whatever you find suitable, remember to drink responsibly. 

Check the price 

Cocktails can be a bit pricey. When you think about how many ingredients each can have, this is understandable. Plus, to make a good cocktail, you must have a good bartender on hand. They deserve to be paid accordingly and that’s mirrored in the cocktails’ price, too. 

So don’t be shy to check the price when choosing a cocktail. Don’t forget, even if you follow all the steps we mention to choose your drink, there’s still a chance you won’t like it. So why would you waste too much money? Try going with a moderate price, that also checks all your other boxes. 

Wrap up 

Cocktails come in different shapes with different tastes and spirits inside. We’re not saying there’s one for everyone. There’s a chance you simply don’t like them, and that’s fine. But before you’re certain, follow our simple guide to find your favorite cocktail. Because there are so many great cocktails up there and we would hate you to starwikibio miss out. 

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