How to do your electricity installment work?


If you have little time and / or you are not too handy, call in a professional as it gets hard power to choose Houston But if you do like a challenge, you can save a lot by getting started yourself, possibly with the help of a package for self-builders from a specialized firm.

You then let us know what your wishes are and everything is calculated for you: required materials, the amount of cables, types of sockets. Before you start, you can attend a training evening in which everything is explained. Moreover, Cowley Batemans Bay Electrician tells us that you don’t have nor should you to do everything yourself as there are many dangers involved. For example, you can take care of the cabling yourself, but leave the installation of the fuse box to a specialist.

Sequence and duration of the works

Electricity works are not done all at once, but step by step in the course of the construction process. Usually the works are done in two or three steps.  

  1. Cut out trenches and lay pipes

This is done shortly after the structural work, before your windows are placed. The electricity cables are laid on the floor plate together with the sanitary and gas pipes. Next comes the insulation and finally the screed.

  1. Sockets and switches

After the screed and plaster work, it is time to build the sockets and switches into the wall.

  1. Connect fuse box

The fuse box is connected at the end. This way the installation can be tested circuit by circuit. This is the most expensive element of the installation, so it is best to wait until all windows and doors have been installed and you can close the house properly.

Eight working days

For an average electrical installation, an electrician needs approximately eight working days in total. Pay attention when you request prices: the electrician does not bill per hour, but per connection point (number of sockets, switches, light point). If you opt for a turnkey home, you may incur additional costs if you want more connections than foreseen in the specifications. You should also consider the price at which power is sold. If you want to know about Houston electricity rates then you must follow our link. There you can view all the necessary information regarding rates.

Mandatory electrical inspection

After connecting the fuse box, one more hurdle follows: the mandatory electrical inspection. For this you contact an independent inspection body.

You must submit the one-wire diagram and the situation diagram to the inspection expert. For example, he has a view of the light points, switches and the location of signs and connection, junction and wall sockets.

The installation does not have to work yet. It does not hurt that you have not yet connected all lamps and appliances. The inspection expert does not check the operation of the installation, but does check whether all necessary safety elements are present.

If the installation has been approved, you hand over the inspection report to your grid operator for the final connection to the power grid.

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