How to design your own merchandise


More and more people and companies are selling merchandise. It is a good way to earn money and at the same time it leads to more brand awareness. If you want to design merchandise, there are a few things you need to think about. In this article you can read more about it.

Why buy merchandise?

There are several reasons to use merchandise. As mentioned before, it is a way to generate income and it can also increase brand awareness. This is the case when people walk around with clothing and accessories of your brand or with your name. You can actually see this as word-of-mouth advertising without any conversation taking place. This is a good way of advertising because people are more likely to be won over by the experience of other people. Merchandise can be used to complement your digital strategy, for example. By doing so, you make your brand impactful.

What do you need to pay attention to?

When using merchandise properly, you must have a good strategy. Simply putting your logo on all the different products usually doesn’t work. So do some good research into your target group. The better you know them, the better you can determine which merchandise works for you. It is important that you evaluate customer satisfaction and monitor your brand image.

Types of Merchandise

You can make many different kinds of merchandise. For example, you can print various accessories, such as bags, stickers and scarves. You can also choose to print clothing, such as t-shirts. Actually, there are many possibilities with merchandise. Think about mugs, towels, key rings, USB sticks and bottles of water. By carefully examining your target group, you will know what kind of products your target group needs.

Designing the merchandise

The design of the merchandise must be carefully thought through. You need professionals for this. Do you have communication staff in your company? Then let them come up with the design. Don’t have suitable employees for this? Then hire a content creator. Let your team give feedback on the design. You increase the chance of successful merchandise by having several subjects assessed by a panel of people from your target group.

Selling merchandise

Next you need to think about how and where you want to sell the merchandise. Do you want it to be available at all times or do you want it to be a temporary line? Use the right communication tools to promote your merchandise. These include the social media channels where your target group is most active. It is important to have a good marketing plan.


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