How to Decide if a Breast Reduction Surgery is Right for You


Breast surgery is often thought to be done by women who want to enlarge or improve the appearance of their breasts. However, there are many other reasons why people go through the procedure. Some women go through plastic surgery not to enlarge their breasts but to reduce them.

People with large breasts often experience some physical discomforts that impede their daily activities and quality of life. For this category of women, breast reduction can be considered to improve their health and quality of life. If you experience uneasiness due to the size of your breast, breast reduction surgery might be the right option for you.

If this has been part of your consideration, you probably wonder if it is the right step for you. This post explains factors that may indicate that this procedure is right for you. It also explains the process and what to expect during the surgery.

How to Know if Breast Reduction Surgery is Right for You?

If you have larger breasts, you will possibly consider going for breast reduction surgery. For some people, this is not necessary since some lifestyle changes and supportive undergarments can significantly improve any discomforts they feel.

However, for some women, even lifestyle adjustments and undergarments do not provide relief from the pain. For people like this, breast reduction surgery becomes a major consideration. Here are some aspects that may specify that this procedure is right for you.

Persistent Pain

If you experience persistent back pain and find it difficult to maintain good posture due to the size of your breast, you should give the breast reduction procedure a serious thought. Lumbar spine strain and neck pains are also some of the common maladies associated with too large breasts.

  • Difficulty in Maintaining Healthy Activity

Exercise is critical to staying healthy. With overly large breasts, it becomes impossible to work out. It may even become very painful. If you experience this, you should consider having breast reduction surgery.

  • Difficulty in Finding the Right Bras and Clothing Sizes

When it becomes a challenge to find clothes and bras that fit because your breasts are disproportionate to your body size, you may want to consider a breast reduction. Women with small frames and large breasts usually find it difficult to find the right dress size or bra size.

  • Difficulty in Maintaining a Social Life

Women, especially teens and young adults, may find it challenging to maintain a healthy social life due to teasing and bullying. If you are not satisfied with your breast’s size, you may want to consider scheduling a consultation appointment with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.

What to Expect During a Breast Reduction Procedure

Like any other surgery, breast reduction surgery comes with its fair share of risks. However, a skilled plastic surgeon can manage the procedure and remove fats and tissues from your breasts without minimal scarring. The scares are also usually well placed and are not easily seen.

Sometimes, they can be tucked in under the breast or around the areola, making them less visible. During the surgery, the surgeon will open up the breast to remove tissues in a methodical and symmetrical pattern. This is to retain the natural shape of the breast post-operation.

Some skin will also be removed and the areola and nipple may also be elevated to maintain the natural look of your breast. The procedure is done under general anesthesia and you can view the results of the surgery as soon as you wake up. You may develop some swelling, but your breast will become smaller when the procedure and healing are complete.


If you have finally made up your mind that a breast reduction surgery is right for you, you must carefully choose a plastic surgeon to carry out the surgery. Ensure you research properly on the surgeon of your choice before you decide to use their service.

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