Mice are nice cute little curious creatures when you see them outside in the streets and on the sidewalk because they don’t affect you. It is not until one mouse is in your house and all day long what you think about is hot to get rid of that little thing that is destroying your precious items. A mouse in the house means you will be cleaning up a lot more because of the mess they make and the smell they leave around, especially if they end up reproducing in your house.

There are several ways to keep the mice out of your house and to never have to deal with them ever again. A great preventive measure would be thorough hygiene from how you clean up and how you maintain your bin at home. But if you already find yourself in the mouse chase, here are some of the ways to deal with the mice menace at your house:

  1. Find their source of food. This will probably be where they stay or always frequent around the house. Finding this spot in the house helps in also locating where they go through to get in the house and if it is one mouse that you should be worried about or a whole clan of them. Once all this is established, you can start by cutting off the food supply. If it’s a bin then cleaning the area or relocating your disposal area will be a huge step to getting rid of the mice.
  2. Setting traps. There are two common types of traps, Snap traps, and Electrocution traps. A snap trap is a trigger system that traps the mouse in its tracks whereas the electrocution traps lure the mouse in their chambers before fatally electrocuting them. They both are effective until you have used both of the traps to determine which one works better for you.
  3. Glue boards. These are sticking boards that work like the flypaper that catches flies. The mice stick on the board while trying to move around the room. They are effective and easily available in your local grocery stores at an affordable price.
  4. Bait them. For this method, you get to use food items that are mixed with rodenticides that are poisonous to mice. Food like peanuts, cheese, or chunks of bread would be perfect to attract the mice. Rodenticide you can use is warfarin, chlorophacinone, diphacinone, bromethalin, cholecalciferol, zinc phosphide. It has been argued that this is the best method of getting rid of mice and reducing their population.
  5. Use of essential oils. Homemade remedies are not always recommended but trying them brings no harm. There is a claim that mice cannot stand the smell of peppermint and clove oil. You can soak a cotton ball into these oils and drop them in areas where you suspect the mice frequent.
  6. Call an exterminator. If all else fails then it is time to hand it over to a professional and there is a wide range of companies that deal with this on your behalf.

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