How To Create Your Dream Walk-In Closet


It is every girl’s dream – a walk-in closet, just like the one Carry Bradshaw has in The Sex and The City. It seems like such an adult and celebrity kind of privilege to have a designated place to store and showcase all your favourite clothing pieces, doesn’t it? Why should you deprive yourself out of that joy? It is not as difficult as it may seem and it may be done on a budget as any other room renovation. Some people prefer to turn spare rooms into home gyms, offices and even gaming rooms. So, if your dream is to have that picture perfect closet which we mostly see in movies, what is stopping you?

Not only would it make you feel amazing but walk-in closets are rather practical as well. They will keep you organised and motivated to maintain a clean and easy to navigate through wardrobe. No longer would you have to turn your bedroom upside down in order to find that one specific top that you wanted to wear. If that sounds like heaven to you, keep reading because here at We Buy Any House, we have gathered all the essential information you need on how to turn an empty spare room into a dreamy walk-in closet.

1.    Get a Storage Unit

The reason why we begin with storage units is not coincidental. They are essentially your wardrobe, but it will make up a big chunk of your closet so it is important to consider its size, design and price. You may mix and match shelving units, drawers and rails, add LED strips for better visibility or mirrors in order to make it seem like there’s more depth to it. It may be difficult to find the perfect one you are imagining but if you decide to make a DIY project out of it, you might save some money and personalize it exactly the way you want it. Something worth mentioning is that most of the time people don’t use all of the space that they have. Every inch counts and making use out of the vertical space wisely will pay off in the long run. Design your storage unit to be as tall as it can be so that you can create more storage space for all your clothes, shoes and accessories.

2.    Soft flooring

Chances are if you have a walk-in closet, you will spend a lot of time there and what’s more, most of the time you will probably be barefoot. That is why it is so essential to provide yourself with the comfort you need with soft flooring options. It could be as simple as a carpet or if you think it may be a pain to clean use a wood or vinyl floor and treat yourself with a floor heating system as well. Alternatively, a smaller rug on top in places where you would normally walk could be a great choice as well.

3.    Make it Private

You don’t want your neighbours watching you change outfits seven times when getting ready now do you? If you haven’t noticed, most closets lack any natural light exactly because of this. Having privacy in the place where you change is vital so perhaps blocking your windows or putting in a good pair of curtains or shades could save you from embarrassing yourself in front of people.

4.    Lighting is Key

The lack of natural light should motivate you even more to invest in a good lighting system. It is considered to be the most important design feature for any house and should never be neglected. Having the most complimenting light for your closet is essential so get yourself all kinds of lamps, LED strips for your storage unit, floor and ceiling. A well-positioned light could completely transform a place and take it from zero to a hundred instantly.

5.    Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors

You simply cannot have a walk-in closet without mirrors all over your walls. What is the point of having all this space for trying on different outfits if you cannot check them out properly from all angles? Not only that but they also create a beautiful illusion of a larger space.

6.    Sitting Space

Perhaps you’ll need a minute or two to think about your outfit, or you will have friends over helping you plan a date outfit. No matter what the circumstance is, one thing is clear – you need a place to sit. Having comfortable armchairs or a small futon in the middle of the room will make it all the cozier and more enjoyable to be in.

The thought of having that Carry Bradshaw lifestyle is certainly very enticing and there will be struggles and obstacles in the way of course but don’t be discouraged. Once it is ready and you are blasting your favourite tunes, singing at the top of your lungs all the while changing into your fabulous outfits, it is going to be so worth it.

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