How to create a wedding slideshow? – A Simple Guide


Everyone likes to look through a photo album from time to time. You can invite your guests to do this during the celebration. Prepare a slide show with pictures from the bride and groom’s childhood. Complement them with a story of love and common leisure time. Put a couple of family photos on the slideshow and enjoy them together. You can create a wedding photo slide show without any experience in this field. It’s enough to order wedding photography services and follow the simple tips.

Let’s start with the selection of software

To get a colorful photo slideshow for wedding, you will need a number of photo processing and editing tools. You can find a list of special programs for free. The most common among them are Movavi, Smilebox, Adobe Spark, Animoto or Slidely. Each service allows you to perform various operations with the photo to optimize the image. With the tutorial videos available, you can easily learn how to crop, compress and correct them. This exciting process brings fun all on its own.

Selecting and uploading images

The hardest part is selecting your most successful and favorite photos. You will have to review children’s photo albums, scroll through social networks, check all the folders on your computer and smartphone. Printed pictures will only be useful if you can scan them into digital format. Arrange them in chronological order so that your slideshow for wedding reception represents the history of your meeting and the development of your relationship. Do not forget the brightest moments together – travel or holidays, the moment of marriage proposal. You will want to tell more about yourself, but you should not overdo it. A slide show is considered quite informative if the demonstration is kept within 5-6 minutes.

You should add photos to the selected template in the editing program in the order in which they will be played to the guests. After all the pictures are arranged in a template, it should be saved and named.


The appropriateness of musical accompaniment depends on how you imagine showing the slideshow at the reception. Perhaps, the DJ will choose the right song, or you and your wife may want to comment on the video. Then, you don’t need to know how to make a wedding slideshow with music at all. However, according to experts in the organization of weddings Vanilla Brides, videos with a sound track look more interesting. You have to select the option “Music” in the bottom menu of the program to add a track at the stage of editing. You should drag and drop the appropriate song from the computer’s folder to the popup. Tracks can be trimmed, spliced, and mixed as you wish. The duration of the soundtrack should be longer than the video.

Checking readiness

After all the manipulations, you need to check the quality of the broadcast of the finished video and make changes. Preview helps to identify inconsistencies melodies and pictures, too short or too long demonstration time and other problems. When all the nuances have been verified, the video can be saved. In the bottom menu, click on “Export” and choose the saving format. The version of the broadcast program must match the capabilities of the equipment at the reception. Check beforehand, so that you won’t have to get upset on the day of the party because of technical incompatibility of the equipment.

Final preparations

The demonstration of the wedding picture slideshow will require the use of media with the recording clip, a laptop, a screen and a projector at the reception. You should take care about the availability of necessary equipment in the reception hall in advance and check its performance. Entrust a close friend to the mission of preparing and broadcasting a video so that nothing is forgotten on an exciting day!

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