How to cover a wall using porcelain stoneware tiles


Surface coverings set the tone for the entirety of a space. It must be long-lasting, fashionable, and capable of withstanding the daily wear – and – tear. Natural stone coverings and Porcelain Wall tiles are two of the most commonly used coverings. Of course, both these options have their separate fan base. With comparable overall aesthetics in both alternatives, deciding which fits the best has always been a burning question among the public.

Of course, aesthetics matter, but so does the upkeep demanded by the material to keep the look intact for a longer time! We’re well acquainted with the hassle involved in keeping a natural material anew, especially in heavy traffic zones such as the kitchen and bathrooms! This leaves us to the only perfect covering choice- “Porcelain Tile”!

Porcelain tiles are extremely versatile, durable, color-consistent, and most importantly need no maintenance, which makes them the perfect floor covering. However, they are not limited to flooring applications, nowadays these sturdy materials have re-introduced themselves as enduring wall coverings.


If you recently moved a cabinet or an artwork from its place, you might have noticed that the previously covered section of the wall was darker! Why? You might ask! Because, our walls are constantly exposed to dust, UV rays, radiations, cooking fumes, and outdoor smog which causes the paint to fade. Regular cleaning is a headache and cleaning walls that wear a Low-grade paint regularly may fade the wall even sooner. No matter what you do, even high-quality, long-lasting colors will fade over time. And, it’s obvious that frequent touch-ups or redecorations can burn you out-both mentally and economically! As a result, the reasonable and smart choice is to cover the walls with a sturdy material like Porcelain tile.

Porcelain tiles are waterproof and stain-resistant, making them ideal for water-exposed areas like bathrooms and kitchens. The oily spills and sticky fumes that spoil the appearance, while being a big concern for hygiene, won’t be a problem anymore! Also, they come in wide color options and patterns that stir some interest in the walls as opposed to the boring painted walls!




Porcelain tile’s popularity stems from its ability to imitate Marble, brick, or wood without demanding any upkeep. You get the same luxurious look without the worry of maintenance or weathering. Furthermore, because it’s an all-purpose tile, it comes in a variety of designs, colors, and styles, allowing for design flexibility.

One such effect that’s becoming a popular interior design trend today is the Marble-effect in porcelain tiles, which imitate the genuine luxurious essence of the material that has dominated architecture for centuries. The recreation is so precise that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference without a closer gaze.

LAVISH’S MARMOREAL is one such collection that captures the beauty and brilliance of a marble. Marmoreal has an outstandingly diverse selection of finishes, each of which includes a variety of hues and gradients ranging from light to dark. Also, this collection has cloudy, continuous, unidirectional, and bifurcated veining patterns that interpret remarkable realism and intricacies of luxurious marbles. Lavish offers a variety of sizes such as 30x60cm, 60x60cm, 80x80cm, 60x120cm, and bigger sizes such as 80x160cm, 120x120cm, and 120x240cm that can be used according to your individual perspective to create walls that stand out while creating a well-balanced interior!


If you aren’t a marble-look lover, a concrete look may be of interest to you! LAVISH concrete-look porcelain tiles reimagine the original material, reflecting its aesthetic worth, from the industrial concrete-effect floor to the trendy plaster appearances.

We house a large concrete-look porcelain tile collection that will satisfy your creative needs, and we can recreate practically any look with our advanced technology. We have the MATT WITH FLAT SURFACE for individuals who seek the concrete look walls but don’t want to deal with the difficulty of cleaning loose dirt from the textured grouts. Then there’s MATT WITH STRUCTURE TILES, which have a structure (mold) on the surface that is created by the press, and then printing is done on this structured tile. The surface of this tile is undulating, with raised and recessed areas (used more on walls for adding an extra decorative element). The ROCKER TILES or ROCKER MATT FINISH TILES are made using a unique technique that digitally produces the structure of our liking. You can use these finishes independently or mix and match colors to create unique combinations. For instance, a discontinuous method, such as a chevron or criss-cross layout, can contribute to the creation of new forms of spatiality while also improving the overall aesthetics of the interior.


If you think Porcelain tiles can only be used for interior walls then you’re wrong! They are dense, durable, and can resist abrupt temperature changes and extreme outdoor conditions. The vast assortment of patterns and colors in Porcelain tiles can adapt to any style-vintage or contemporary, dynamic or minimalistic! Thanks to their technical and aesthetic features, porcelain tiles are never regretted as a facade material.

One way the porcelain tile can be used is by creating a ventilated façade. The method is simple, just keep a physical separation on the building’s outer surface that does not touch its walls, creating a gap that allows the air trapped between the wall and the outer cladding to escape. In a nutshell, a ventilated porcelain façade is a suitable cladding style with the numerous benefits it provides, including thermal insulation, energy savings, improved damp performance, maximum durability, aesthetic value, ease of maintenance, and ease of replacement.

Hope this article was helpful! We firmly believe that your doubts regarding the use of porcelain tiles as wall covering materials were solved substantially in this article. If you still have some doubts, you can always reach out to our customer executive who will be more than happy to assist you in the material selection!

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