How to Consume Marijuana Without Smoking


Who doesn’t like the feeling of getting high? Everyone wants to smoke marijuana time and again as it gives an instant sense of calmness. In addition, people can now access legal marijuana from an authorized drugstore without any trouble, because more and more states in the US are legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. But what many don’t realize is that smoking is not an exclusive option when it comes to exploring marijuana. Continue reading this article to find out unique and easy ways of consuming marijuana.

Cannabis Edibles: Do you like brownies or cookies? If yes, you can easily make a batch of pot brownies. These are delicious to eat and provide you with the same psychedelic effect that you would otherwise get from smoking weed. Some people don’t like smoking in general or dislike how the room smells afterward; consuming marijuana brownies is the easiest way to get high. If you don’t like cooking food, you can always purchase marijuana edibles from a store.

  • You may also find different cannabis edibles in a licensed weed shop, such as gummies and chewing gum. These THC gummies are easy to carry and perform the job well. There are also THC-infused drinks available in the shops.
  • These Canna-gummies look like regular gummies; therefore, one can consume the colorful gummies on the go. It saves one a lot of time and the hassle of preparing the weed before smoking.

Pills and Tablets: Doctors often prescribe THC tablets and capsules to patients suffering from chronic pain. Though primarily used for treating medical illnesses, these tablets are known for their recreational usage, too. One would get an instant high after consuming the tablets. If you have forms of underlying diseases, talk to your doctor before taking THC pills for recreational purposes. People also use THC skin patches that let the substance flow into the bloodstream quickly.

Vape: Those who are not allowed to smoke for medical reasons but still want to experience the feel of smoking may try vaping. E-cigarettes are undoubtedly a better option than tobacco cigarettes. People can use this alternative to get rid of the unhealthy habit of smoking.

Beauty and CBT: Modern pharmaceuticals are marketing numerous new products to buyers with potential beauty benefits. Cannabis-infused shampoos help relax the scalps as well as provide effective dandruff control that, in turn, promotes shiny hair. Canna oil is said to control acne, giving smoother and clearer skin. Therefore, many people prefer a canna-oil massage that leaves them rejuvenated and fresh. The THC found in canna-oil penetrates skin tissues and provides the whole body with a calming sensation.

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