How to Clean Your Home If You’re Moving Out.


Let’s set the scene: you’re moving out in a few days; all the boxes are packed and there’s a nervous but excited atmosphere in the air. However, there’s one box that you can’t quite unpack yet- and that’s the cleaning box. As stressful and chaotic as moving can be, it’s important that you leave your house in a presentable and clean state for the next group of owners. Although cleaning your whole house is time-consuming and labour intensive, it’s an essential part of the move, and it’s better to get started early instead of leaving it until the last minute. Once all your furniture has been packed, then it’s the best time to start cleaning. If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast and move into my next place with ease”, then cleaning your whole house in advance is a great place to start. Here at We Buy Any House we have created a simple guide to cleaning your house before you move out.

Gather Your Cleaning Supplies:

Organisation is key. Ensure you have all the right supplies and assortments so you can begin the cleaning process early and get it completed with ease. From a feather duster, to limescale remover and a mop and bucket- have everything at hand so you can access it easily. Pack it all into a separate box so you can add it to the rest of removal items once done, and don’t forget the marigolds!

How Clean Should It Be?

Before you move house, you should clean the property to a standard that you would personally find acceptable if you were to move in. A ‘deep clean’ which is the phrase most commonly used, often seems like a chore- but it’s important that the tenants aren’t walking into a property that is filled with dirt and grime. A deep clean is especially important if you have any damage deposits paid, as you may be unlikely to get this back if the property is not to a clean standard.

Clean From Top to Bottom:

To avoid dragging dirt around the house, clean top to bottom- and we mean that literally too. Start from the top of the house, a bedroom or loft conversion, and clean the highest points of the room before anything else. Ceiling fans, shelving and overhead light fixtures are prone to get dirty- so cleaning anything before them seems unproductive. Allow the dirt and dust to fall to the floor, and then it can be cleaned efficiently- ensuring the room is clean top to bottom.

Work in Stages:

Cleaning everything at once is overwhelming, boring and tiring. As there can’t be any corner left unturned, it’s a good idea to work in stages. In your head, divide the house into sections of priority- in terms of time and space. Start with the biggest and most untidy rooms in the house and allocate extra time and space for those areas- this will make the deep clean seem less labour intensive.

The Exterior:

So, the inside of your property is spotless- now it’s time to conquer the outside. The exterior of your property will be the first impression the next owners have, and you’ll need to ensure that it’s just as clean and organised as the interior. Empty any sheds or garages, jet wash the drive and patio and fix any maintenance issues such as stiff or squeaking gates. Additionally, don’t forget to do the little things such as mowing the lawn, removing weeds and any personal decoration from the exterior of the property.

Make Time for Last Minute Cleaning:

Although you may have done the deep clean, you will (unfortunately) need to make time for a little tidy up as the moving day approaches. As you will have done the deep clean in advance (or so we hope!), there will be a period of time in which you will still be living at the property. Before you move, ideally the night before or morning of, ensure you’ve got time to give the house one last going over. A quick hoover, wipe down of surfaces and any ways to freshen the house is a great way to guarantee your property will be in the best condition for future owners.

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