How to Clean Your Fabric Mask on Your Own


If you are using a reusable face mask, chances are that it will get dirty. In case that happens, you will need to cleanse and restore it to its original or proper working conditions. This is not something you can do just like that. You need to be guided appropriately to tackle it well.

We care for this. That is why we now craft and examine in detail some of the proven steps that may do the job well. How about you taking the time now and reading through the explanations we provide below? You will definitely obtain the inspiration you need to do a great job.

Tools and materials required

There are two ways of achieving this end. The first is the use of hand wash whereas the second is the use of the machine. Regardless of the method you use, there are some materials and tools you will need for the job. Here they are:

  • Laundry detergent or other soap
  • Drying rack
  • Mesh laundry bags

METHOD I: Washing machine

This entails the use of the washing machine to clean the face masks. The method is mainly recommended for someone who is resource endowed and also operates a squeezed timeline. It is faster and less strenuous on the part of those who choose to utilize it to cleanse their face masks.

Step-by-step procedures

Follow the steps below to actualize it:

Step I: Incorporate your face mask with normal laundry

A face mask is generally too small to be washed on its own in a laundry machine. You hence have to incorporate it i.e. wash it alongside other normal laundry items. Be sure to separate it from socks, underwear, and handkerchiefs nonetheless. That is to prevent cross-contaminations of the masks.

Step II: Use a regular detergent

Ordinarily, face masks are made of weaker fabrics. Other than this, they also sustain mild dirt. They hence do not require strong and powerful detergents as those items that are tougher generally require. For this reason, you only have to use mild detergents to rid the same of the dirt.

Step III: Set the water to the appropriate warmth

Apart from the right detergent, you must also use the correct setting of the warmth of the water. Do not use water that is too hot as this may damage the fabrics. Mild or warm water may generally be most suitable for this use and applications.

Step IV: Wash, rinse, and dry

Activate the laundry machine to wash and then rinse the clothes. After that, let the machine dry the clothes and the face masks. If you desire to, you may also iron the face mask. Needless to say, you have to store the item safely and well thereafter.

METHOD II: Washing by hand

This second option for washing entails the use of the hands to eliminate the dirt. It is recommended for persons who lack the financial muscle power to afford a washing machine but who would wish to accrue cleaner face masks. Needless to say, it is also cheaper to come by.

Step-by-step procedures

Following the steps below will do the job:

Step I: Prepare the detergents for washing

Start by preparing the detergent for the purpose of washing. This simply means you pouring the detergent in water and creating a foam. The detergent you use has to be mild to prevent weakening the fabric or posing some permanent or irreversible damages to the fabrics.

Step II: Soak the mask in the detergent

Now soak the mask in the detergent for quite some time. The length of the soaking is largely dependent on the amount of dirt and the strength of the fabric you are dealing with. Tougher fabrics and harder dirt definitely require a longer spate of soaking compared to weaker fabric and milder dirt.

Step III: Scrub and wring

This is the most critical step in the entire process. At this stage, you generally get rid of the hardened dirt and sweat from the fabric. You do this through a combination of wringing and scrubbing of the fabric that makes the face mask up.

Step IV: Rinse the mask

After you have wrung and scrubbed the face mask, you now have to rinse the item and get rid of any detergent. You may have to do this twice and thrice to guarantee extremely clean outcomes. The best way to ensure proper cleaning is to check the quality of the wastewater. It has to be very clear.

Step V: Dry and store

Dry and store the face mask after you have rinsed it completely. The best way to dry it is to hang it on a cloth line and let the air hit it. That way, you will prevent any sweat or a foul smell from remaining in the piece of cloth. Also, aerated face masks tend to smell fresh and be very comfortable to the nose and face.


While washing your face masks, be sure to stay away from these issues:

  • Avoid using extremely hot water as this may damage the fabric irreversibly
  • Do not mix it with handkerchiefs, socks, underwear, and panties
  • Insist on mild detergents to preserve the quality of your fabrics well
  • If possible, prefer drying in direct sunlight and outside rather than with a drying machine
  • Soak thoroughly to eliminate all sweat, dirt, and germs from the fabrics


Indeed, knowing how to wash your masks is a great thing owing to the significant role that the masks are playing insofar as mitigating the spread of the coronavirus is concerned. The best way to go about the issue to know your strength and the method that may be necessary for you at the moment.

Perhaps as a bonus, we would like to give you some tips to go about the issue. Wash your face masks on a regular basis to prevent the buildup of dirt and other issues from time to time. Then, you should also use two or more masks to prevent straining only one all the time. Seek more inspiration from the 4inbandana site.

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