How to clean Persian carpets


Today we dedicate ourselves to Persian carpets. After the blinds and awnings, it is the turn of the carpets. The Persian carpet, also known as the Iranian carpet, is made of a very heavy fabric and stands out from common carpets, thanks to the elaboration of its multiple designs. Persian rugs are made by hand or mechanically in different materials: wool, cotton, silk. The fibers are spun using wing spinning machines, or with industrial machines. The dyeing process, on the other hand, involves preparing the yarn to make it more susceptible to appropriate dyes. The carpets are pigmented by dipping in a mordant.

The process is very long and particular and this makes the individual works unique and even more precious. Given the high value of these precious artifacts, it is important to understand how to clean Persian rugs, without damaging them, obtaining satisfactory results.

How to clean Persian carpets: delicacy and attention

Delicacy and attention are the two keywords for cleaning Persian carpets. These are complicated and laborious operations, which require space and time. We always recommend contacting cleaning companies specializing in this type of business to ensure optimal results and preserve the integrity of the products. If, on the other hand, you would like to personally clean the carpets, we want to give you some advice, to avoid nasty surprises.

Cleaning of Persian carpets should be done periodically. If constancy and periodicity are lacking, irreparable consequences can be had. It is also known that carpets are real natural receptacles of any form of dirt (dust, earth, food residues) and parasites (mites). These are risk factors that should not be underestimated for the health and well-being of the people living in the environment. Neglecting the cleaning of carpets can lead to unpleasant allergies and infections, as well as significantly worsening the quality of the air breathed in the house.

Persian carpets and sanitation

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, which is still spreading around the world, we recall in particular the importance of carrying out environmental sanitation. Domestic environments, such as work and public ones, must be subjected to scrupulous deep cleaning and sanitizing procedures, to avoid the continuous spread of the virus.

The domestic environments and the Persian carpets we are dealing with are therefore no exception. Ordinary cleaning is always necessary, but since carpets tend to become a refuge for mites and dirt, it is advisable to subject them to a correct sanitization procedure. These are particular processes that require attention to the products and tools used, as well as to the natural material of which the precious carpets are made. It is not an operation that can be performed by everyone, but requires the intervention of specific cleaning companies specialized in ad hoc sanitation.

The 5 mistakes to avoid when cleaning a Persian carpet

Now let’s see what are the five points not to do absolutely if you have decided to proceed with the cleaning of a Persian carpet yourself:

– NEVER use the carpet cleaner;

– Use the vacuum cleaner only occasionally, never at maximum power and above all, if used, do it in the direction of the fleece of the carpet;

– NEVER use cleaning products, trichlorethylene, chemical solvents, cleaners in general;

– In the presence of stains and encrustations do not treat with stain removers;

– NEVER rub with cloths or brushes in the opposite direction to that of the fleece.

As we said before, always use delicacy and attention, in order not to risk damaging such an extremely delicate carpet. If you want professional results, this budget carpet cleaning service is a great option.

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