How to Clean AC for Fresher and Healthier Air


A well-maintained air conditioner (AC) can work as efficiently as a brand new AC. It is because the unit does not work under a heavy strain due to dirt or an unstable amount of air intake. That is why you need to perform regular ac servicing or cleaning.

Based on the advice of professionals, we compile the following steps of how to clean your AC.

How to clean your AC based on HVAC professionals’ advice

Your AC will not produce fresher and healthier air if there is a lot of dirt in it. Also, your electricity bill will increase since it requires more electricity. The lifespan of your AC can also be shorter if you keep running the dirty unit.

Hence, you can follow the following points to help you maintain your AC’s performance.

Dry your AC first

Dry it first before cleaning it. Run it on ‘fan mode’ for 30 minutes if you just recently turn off your AC. By doing so, you will evaporate the moisture that still lingers in it.

If you do not use your AC within one or two hours before you want to clean it, you can skip this step.

Check the user’s manual

It is important to check the user’s manual before cleaning your AC. The user’s manual provides the necessary information needed, such as finding out how to remove the front panel of your AC, removing the filter, and how to attach the panel again.

Turn off the unit before cleaning it

The advice may sound silly, but you must turn it off entirely before cleaning it. Unplug any cables of your AC that may still be plugged into your switch to prevent any accidents. This step may help to prevent any power from coming into your AC while you clean it.

Cover the indoor unit of your AC with a plastic bag

Prevent water from splattering all over your wall by covering the indoor unit with a large plastic bag. The plastic bag will also prevent the dust from making a mess on your floor when you detach the front panel before cleaning it.

Lift the front panel from your unit

Once you cover the indoor unit with a plastic bag, it is now time to detach the front panel. To lift it, you have to locate the latches that connect the panel with your AC. That is why you have to read the user’s manual before cleaning your AC.

After locating the latches, you have to remove the panel carefully to prevent any accidental damages. Wash the panel with clean water and dry it.

Clean the air filter

After you lift the front panel, you will see the air filter of your AC. Remove the air filter from your AC and bring it outside. Once you are outside, shake the filter gently to remove the accumulation of dust.

You can also use your vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt from the air filter. After cleaning the dirt from your air filter, you can start to wash it with water.

The easiest way to clean the filter is by soaking them in water.

Dry all the parts before attaching them back

After cleaning certain parts of your AC with water, you have to leave them to dry first. No need to dry them under direct sunlight because the material of your AC’s parts may not be able to stand sunlight.

Vacuum the drain line

While waiting for the parts to dry after washing them, you can vacuum the drain line of your AC. The drain line has to be vacuumed because it can become clogged due to the accumulation of debris and dirt. You can unclog the drain line by detaching the line from your unit, suck out the dirt with a vacuum cleaner, and flush its inside with water.

Run your AC for 15 minutes after cleaning and reattaching all the parts back

After cleaning your AC, you can reattach all the parts that you remove. Make sure they are already dry by wiping them with a dry cloth first. Then, reattach all the parts again.

The final step of how to clean your AC is to run it for 15 minutes. Run it at the lowest temperature so it will drain out any remaining water in the unit.

The bottom line of how to clean your AC

All in all, those are what you can do to clean your AC. However, the above steps do not replace professional cleaning and servicing. You still have to perform regular aircon service.

The reason? Because some parts, such as the fins and coils of your AC, are better to be cleaned by HVAC professionals. They will also perform regular checkup for the parts of your AC. By doing so, they can inform you about the findings and giving you recommendations. These will help you in the long run to prevent hefty repair cost.

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