How to choose your jewelry according to the occasions?


Properly accessorizing an outfit sometimes completely changes the style. Some people tend to put too much and others not at all. However, for some occasions, beautiful jewelry and a trendy bag not only add something to the outfit, but also help to make it stylish , trendy and suitable for the event.

This is the reason why, we propose through this article to give you some ideas to brighten up your outfits with jewelry for certain occasions. Read on to find out more.

For casual outings

The first rule when choosing your jewelry is to do it according to your personality. If you are more discreet , choose fine jewelry , which will certainly add more to your outfit without giving you the impression of overdoing it.

If you are more extravagant and extroverted, you can dare colorful and a little flashy jewelry . The primary intention is that you feel valued, but also comfortable. Therefore, it is recommended for casual and everyday outings to wear simple and sober jewelry .

You can opt for a charming pair of rhodium-plated earrings and an impressive watch. The rings and bracelet combination is also perfect. Don’t wear a necklace if you choose to wear statement earrings.

In case you opt for a thin bracelet, accompany it with two or more rings. Knuckle rings and those worn on the index finger are also very trendy. For this kind of occasion choose jewelry such as:

  • Silver jewelry;
  • Fine gold jewelry;
  • White gold jewelry.

If you like accessories that are a little flashy and bright, you can look into jewelry that is a little more whimsical. Click here to find costume jewelry ideas .

For going to work and for formal events

For work and formal events, nothing beats sobriety. A nice watch will always do the trick. This is a timeless accessory that complements any outfit well.

You can also opt for a pretty pendant and a pair of discreet earrings. If you still want to add more style, a single imposing, colorful jewel like a big ring or a beautiful necklace will do the trick.

If you like to wear several jewels, the combination “bracelet or watch plus a necklace”, or “  mismatched rings and earrings  ” is a safe bet in addition to being very trendy. It will certainly make an impression and allow you to be stylish, whatever the occasion.

For major events: weddings, parties, birthdays, galas, etc.

For major events, it’s time to take out your most beautiful finery . Have a blast in your Wholesale Jewelry selection. Dare colors, dare shine, dare pearls and stones. You can afford a lot for such occasions.

The bright accessories will highlight you, and stick well to the events. The idea is to show off your assets and shine. If you have a thin face, frame it with beautiful hoops for example.

If you have a rather round face, choose the beautiful pair of long or medium earrings . Wear an imposing necklace if you have a good head posture. Otherwise, choose a fine necklace and an imposing cuff or bracelet, as well as rings that you will wear on several fingers. Here you can get the best black KN95 mask

If this suits your tastes, you can go so far as to put on a beautiful thin gold or silver anklet. Don’t hesitate to show off , no matter the occasion!

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