How to choose the right statement lighting for your space?


There’s absolutely no doubt that statement lighting can add an edge to your decor and it adds that bit of a pop to your living space. The best part about statement lighting is that it can be a perfect fit in any given part of your home and every inch of your beautiful abode can definitely use a bold lighting design setting the tone of your space. What statement lighting truly does is create a jaw-dropping contrast in your space and that effortlessly adds a distinct flavour to you living space. If it’s all about the style and grace for your then there’s no better option for you than going with a statement lighting.

And it’s not that statement lighting will completely saturate your space, you can definitely use more lighting designs to complement your statement lighting design. A part of the process of choosing the right lighting design for your space can be slightly tricky especially when it comes to a few factors like getting the scale and proportion right and figuring out the true purpose of each light. As a rule of thumb, always measure up your space whenever your decide to go with a lightning design as it can add clarity in the entire process and help you make the right decisions. Now, sit back and take a look at the 3 important steps in choosing the right statement lighting for your space.

Mix and match designs

As we mentioned before, your statement lighting design shouldn’t have to be the only lighting design in the space. While it definitely is your primary design, you can have a secondary lighting design adding to the backdrop. Now this design concept of mixing and matching lighting designs is that you could have a primarily modern decor and you can flaunt rustic or vintage lighting designs to accentuate the aura of your space. This new trend not only spices up your decor but creates a transitional look which does add a touch of elegance to your home. What usually works best when mixing and matching designs is a combination of contemporary and rustic design styles. You could have contemporary chandelier, pendant light or ceiling light and complement it with rustic wall lights, table lamps or floor lamps.

Create eye-catching contrasts

The entire point of having a statement lighting is that it stands out from your decor and possibly outshines the rest of the elements in the space. While these contrasts can be textured-based, element-based or colour-based, our inclination is slightly towards the last option. Bright and vibrant hues can definitely jazz up your space. So pick lighting designs that have colours that are simply hard to miss but make sure that the colours are not too loud.

Pick larger-than-life lighting designs

Larger-than-life lighting designs are the flavour of the season and you could very well consider this for your statement lighting designs too. Just make sure that the lighting design is not too much out of proportion and doesn’t overshadow your decor.

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