How to Choose the Best Curling Iron


Love how your favorite celebrity’s hair bounces while she’s dancing off with her mates in the movie?

Well, getting curls like hers isn’t that difficult if you have the right tool in hand. No, we aren’t suggesting visiting the salon every time to get the perfect curls because everyone knows it is EXPENSIVE!

But if you were told to invest in a tool would give you unlimited access to “curling” your hairs at home only?

Yes, you guessed it right! We’re talking about a curling iron!

But you just don’t go out in the market and randomly pick out a curling iron or do you? For the best Hair Care Tools Visit

We wish it was that sample, but a task even this small need research to ensure you make the right decision.

And what things or features make a curling iron better than the rest? Is it the design? The brand name? Or the price tag?

These might influence your decision, but if you wish to invest in the right tool, read on to know what factors or rather features you should take into consideration when buying a curling iron.

  • Material

Aren’t all curling irons made of the same material? If this is what you have believed for so long than ladies you’re in for a surprise. The curling surface for different irons is manufactured from different materials where each is targeted at a different hair type.

  • Titanium

If you’re looking for durability, nothing can beat a titanium curling iron. It is lightweight and distributes heat evenly, giving you the perfect curl to stand out of the crowd.

Moreover, not only does it work great on thin to medium hairs but is ideal for coarse hairs that are hard to tame. And if you’ve always wondered about which curling iron do professionals use the titanium one it is!

  • Ceramic

Ceramic is the most commonly used because of being inexpensive. It might not be as durable as a titanium curling iron but distributes even temperature throughout the rod, heats up fast and works great on all types of hair.

  • Tourmaline

Tourmaline is the new one in town! But what makes it special? Tourmaline releases negative ions when working on the hairs, locking in the moisture hence giving you the perfect beachy waves with shiny that is blinding.

Moreover, tourmaline works great even at low temperatures and is great for fine hairs. Even if you have thin hairs to work with, this one will work just fine.

  • Barrel Size

Do you want short locks or long curls? Will waves work or do you love ringlets? Why do we ask? This is because the type of curl you want is achieved through the right barrel size.

  • Up to 19 mm barrel

The small size barrels work great with thin to medium hair and create the ideal spiral locks, orkscrew curls and any type of small curls that you wish to experiment with.

  • Over 19 mm barrel

Looking for natural curls? Then you need to go for a curling iron with the bigger barrel. Ones that measure more than 19 mm are ideal to manage thin to thick, long hair while helping add volume to shorter hairs.

From Victoria secret’s curls to beachy waves, a larger barrel is what you need to look for the picture-perfect appearance.

  • Type of Curler

From curling tongs to automatic curls, the market is full of variety when it comes to hairs styling tools.

But how would you know which type of curler you should buy? And what are the different types? Well, let’s discuss each type one by one.

  • Curling tongs

These come with spring-loaded clamps that make it one of the easiest tools to work with, giving you uniform curls that look less natural.

  • Curling wands

When talking about natural curls, curling wands are a hard miss. It comes without a clamp so manual handling may require a bit of patience and practice. Moreover, the wand gives you more natural-looking curls without breaking strands or split ends.

  • Conical

Looking for the best natural curls? A conical is what you should undoubtedly go for!

  • Automatic Curling

Probably one of the easiest ones to work with, the automatic curling iron quickly curls your hairs without you having to put in much effort. Although this one is very expensive but surely gives you long-lasting curls in a matter of minutes only.

  • Eliptical

The eliptical also requires some patience as you need to curl manually with it too. If you have long hair and find it hard to manage uniform curls throughout, reach out for this one for sure.

  • Triple Barrel Wavers

The wavers may look too complicated to handle but are absolutely user friendly, giving you the best finger waves that will last over 24 hours without hesitance.

  • Temperature

Fine or coarse, thin or thick, long or short, whatever your hair type is, you need to be gentle with it, have complete control over temperature when it comes to a hot styling hair tool. 

A few tips to remember here is:

  • Temperature up to 150 degrees is enough to style already damaged hairs or ones that have been exposed to the chemical over time
  • Temperature up to 200 degrees is ideal for fine to normal hairs
  • And if you have thick, coarse or frizzy hairs, go for a curling iron that can heat up to 240 degrees for best results

Moreover, always go for a wand with an LCD so you know when the temperature is right!


Apart from all these factors, make sure the curling iron/rod/wand that you go for is user friendly, heats up quickly and has the auto switch-off feature.

Why the auto-switch off feature? That is so in case you forget to unplug the iron, it’ll shut off automatically, saving both energy and you from an unanticipated accident. 

Oh and before we say goodbye here, always set a budget for your purchase and stick to it because no matter how tempted you are to spend on an overly expensive curling tool because it promises “quality”, you can always find a decent product with a lower price tag too.

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